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#73 fixed make sure third party projects can be disabled andreasw andreasw

For some of the third party projects, it does not work to specify --without-blabla to make sure that they are not compiled even when their source code is there.

  • metis: --without-metis crashes configure script
  • lapack: --without-lapack still compiles LAPACK code if it is there, but it is not linked into executable
  • mumps: --without-mumpslib ?
  • ASL: --without-asldir still compiles ASL, but does not link it into the code (e.g., Ipopt)
#74 worksforme make fails on LibraryHandler.c (confname.h) andreasw Pilpel

Running make to compile Ipopt 3.7.0 (as well as 3.6.0 and 3.5.0) fails on LibraryHandler?.c when trying to include LibraryHandler?.h which in turn includes confname.h. To allow the compile to proceded I've had to edit my distro's source file located in /usr/include/bits/confname.h and remove a comma. Make then proceeds without errors.

#75 fixed linking with cl and ifort andreasw schulz

Hy, I have configured Ipopt under cygwin:

configure --enable-doscompile=msvc

using cl (MSVS 9.0) and ifort successfully, but the linking step seems to take forever. I stopped it after roughly 12 hours. I would like to know if i miss to set any additional flags? Regards Christian

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