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#21 wontfix cygwin "C:\" file names in automake generated dependencies somebody linderoth


I recently upgraded my cygwin tools -- now using gnu make 3.81. On my Windoze machine, automake (1.9) generates dependencies that include files named like: C:/cygwin/home/jtl3/svn-mods/Bonmin/CoinUtils/src/CoinHelperFunctions.hpp

Having the ':' in the file name makes make very unhappy, it says something like "multiple target patterns". The "patch" for me is just to strip out the C:

I did some searching around, and I wasn't able to figure out the "accepted" way for dealing with this. Otherwise, I would have happily provided a patch...

#46 fixed Netlib Screwed You! andreasw linderoth

Hi All,

I couldn't figure out why my Ipopt build kept failing, (as Andreas is always so reliable). It seems that the blas you download from netlab (via the get.BLAS script) now gets unpacked into a subdirectory BLAS, so the configure check fails to recognize that you have it installed.

I just copied the fortran code up one directory and things seem to be progressing now...

Cheers, -Jeff

#8 wontfix OSI unitTest failure: -fomit-frame-pointer fails, g++ 3.3.1, SuSE 2.4.21-303-smp4G somebody lou

The OSI unitTest dumps core on throws when built with -fomit-frame-pointer. Build environment is g++ 3.3.1, SuSE Linux 2.4.21-303-smpG4. When all components are rebuilt with identical options except for -fomit-frame-pointer, all is copacetic. Seems likely this is a problem with GCC. Testing is annoying --- OsiSolverInterfaceTest.cpp requires 15 minutes to compile in this environment.

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