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#106 invalid [Ipopt] Using ipopt with PARDISO --- Sep 2013 stefan sorakid

Dear All,

I used to use IPOPT (3.10.4) with MA57 on my problems and it works fine. Now I want to use IPOPT with Pardiso but the problem is I cannot compile them together.

I had read several tickets about this issue (e.g:, but it seems none can solve my problem.

From previous tickets, I understand that I need to get GotoBlas? which is not supported anymore. As an alternative, I installed OpenBlas?, which is an update version of GotoBlas?. I tried to use following commands to compile it but both failed: %../configure --with-pardiso="-L$PATHTOPARDISO/ -L$PATHTOOPENBLAS/libopenblas.a -L$PATHTOGOMP/libgomp.a"

%../configure --with-pardiso="-qsmp=omp $PATHTOPARDISO/ -L$PATHTOOPENBLAS/libopenblas.a "

The error message is: checking whether user-supplied Pardiso library "-L$PATHTOPARDISO/ -L$PATHTOOPENBLAS/libopenblas.a -L$PATHTOGOMP/libgomp.a" works... configure: error: Pardiso library -L$PATHTOPARDISO/ -L$PATHTOOPENBLAS/libopenblas.a -L$PATHTOGOMP/libgomp.a does not seem to work

I also tried to check the config.log file, but please forgive me that I cannot figure out the problem. It just shows: %configure:23370: error: /bin/bash '../../Ipopt/configure' failed for Ipopt

I also attached the log file to this ticket and hope someone can help me to compile it. I appreciate your time and help in advance. ;-)



#1 fixed 'make clean' for Clp/examples does not work somebody jpfasano

make clean for Clp/examples is not removing the correct files. It seems that the new autotools build process is creating executables with a (better) different name, but make clean is still removing the old names.

The problem can be recreated by:

cd coin-Clp/Clp/examples
make DRIVER=minimum
make clean

The first make creates the files minimum.exe and minimum.o. The make clean removes driver.exe and driver.o

#2 fixed Compiling with lapack and blas andreasw fmargot

How do I compile a package with Lapack and Blas? With the old build process, there was a line

CoinLibsDefined += COIN_lapack

in Makefile.location. I tried

./configure --with-lapack --with-blas

but this does not seem to work. At least, there is no mention of Lapack or Blas in the config.log. I could not find any mention of this on the BuildTools? Trac pages.

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