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#91 invalid run_autotools & configure insert carriage returns in libtool file stefan

I am trying to use BuildTools? for my own solver, since it utilizes many coin-or packages.

Based on the web manual, I have created and files in proper directories of my project directory. BuildTools?/run_autotools has been successfully executed and created configure and other files. And ./configure has also been successfully done. But running make file gives a syntax error when using libtool file. When looking into libtool file, I have found that libtool file contains lots of carriage returns. After eliminating all carriage returns by tr -d '\r' libtool command, everything has run successfully.

I have found this issue on Mac OSX and Red Hat Enterprise.

#9 fixed tried various ways to add -D defines to project -- all seem to fail andreasw kingaj

How does one pass in a define statement "-DMYDEF=XX" into a project compilation?

Here are the various ways I tried to do this: 1) Modify test/ -- all changes to this file seem to be completely ignored by configure. 2) Define CXXDEFS in the environment as suggested in -- this is also completely ignored by configure. 3) Modify coin.m4 so that CXXDEFS is included in DEFS -- this also seems to have failed.

#79 fixed lib/coin and lib/coin/ThirdParty still survive in some scripts andreasw kingaj

there seems to be a small error in the Makefile of Smi/examples/ (trunk rev. 496)

The libraries were installed into lib, not lib/coin and lib/ThirdParty, so I had to change the line CXXLINKFLAGS = -Wl,--rpath -Wl,/home/hans/workbench/smi-trunk/build/lib/coin -Wl,--rpath -Wl,/home/hans/workbench/smi-trunk/build/lib/coin/ThirdParty

to CXXLINKFLAGS = -Wl,--rpath -Wl,/home/hans/workbench/smi-trunk/build/lib

for the linker to work correctly.

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