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#16 fixed introduce --enable-doscompile-on-cygwin flag for Cygwin andreasw andreasw

This CYGWIN-specific flag would enable the choice of the compiler options for the GNU compilers so that the -mno-cygwin compiler flag is used. This will the compile executables that run on DOS and don't require the Cygwin1.dll.

#111 migrated improve cl wrapper stefan stefan

Regarding Automake/compile or cccl:

  • -EHsc should always(?) be added to compiler flags
  • -g should be mapped to -Zi (or similar)
#64 fixed improve capability to use precompiled MUMPS library andreasw stefan


the current way to provide a user-compiled MUMPS library is to specify a directory via --with-mumps-dir. Then the build system assumes to find the MUMPS header files there and the libraries $mumps_dir/lib/libdmumps.$libe, $mumps_dir/lib/libpord.$libe, $mumps_dir/libseq/libmpiseq.$libe. This probably works fine if MUMPS had been compiled with the MUMPS Makefiles.

However, in case that one has a mumps library (maybe as one instead of three files as produced by ThirdParty/Mumps) and header files in other locations, it seem to be extremly difficult to make Ipopt use this library. For other 3rd party codes, one can specify the link line and include flags via --with-PROJ-lib and --with-PROJ-incdir. This seem to offer more flexibility. Further, a --with-mumps-lib would allow to specify mumps-library-specific linking flags, e.g., in case that fortran runtime libraries from a different compiler are needed.

Finally, having also a --enable-mumps-libcheck option would be great, since it allows to build an Ipopt library that includes a Mumps interface without having the MUMPS library actually present or linking.

Thank you, Stefan

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