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#119 migrated pass -version-number instead of -version-info to libtool? stefan stefan

Then libtool should do the conversion of the major/minor/release scheme to libtools own scheme by itself and we can eliminate this logic from our scripts. However, states "New projects should use the -version-info flag".

#121 fixed discontinue ThirdParty/Blas and Lapack stefan stefan

I think of just forgetting about ThirdParty/Blas and ThirdParty/Lapack for the new setup, because I don't think it is so useful anymore:

  • Most Linux distributions bring blas and lapack with their package managers. It's often only the reference version (Netlib), but that's the same we were building anyway.
  • Mac OS X comes with (probably optimized) installations of Blas and Lapack in the Accelarate framework.
  • Msys2/MinGW on Windows seems to bring OpenBlas and Lapack with its package manager.
  • Intels MKL is available as community edition for free.
  • Building Blas and Lapack from source requires a Fortran compiler, which is extra work to be installed on Linux (easy), Mac OS X (possible), MinGW (relatively easy), Windows/MSVC (ifort costs money).
  • ThirdParty/Blas and Lapack was building only a subset of Blas and Lapack, which sometimes is not sufficient, requiring extra maintenance work. Also it is extra maintenance work (we do not even keep up with using the latest versions of the Netlib Lapack).

I would then also remove the f2c utility in BuildTools, for which I have no idea whether it is still working.

#122 fixed remove overwrite of --prefix stefan stefan

I more and more think that we should remove

# Where should everything be installed by default?  The COIN default is to
# install directly into subdirectories of the directory where configure is
# run. The default would be to install under /usr/local.


I have the impression that most software keeps the default /usr/local.

It might be convenient for a developer to not install into /usr/local, but for (rather new) users this might come at a surprise.

As far as I understood, the or the coin.install scripts of Ted would be unaffected by such a change, since they always set --prefix explicitly.

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