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#44 wontfix Propose we omit --pedantic-errors unless maintainer mode is specified. andreasw lou

Specifying --pedantic-errors causes build failures on some systems and huge numbers of warnings on others. Our users can't do anything about this and don't need to see the errors/warnings. I'm proposing we change coin.m4 so that the majority of the compile warning flags are used only when maintainer mode is enabled.

#45 fixed COIN_HAS_BLAS possibly uses a wrong path to .MakeOk andreasw tautschn

Bonmin/ThirdParty/Lapack? uses the COIN_HAS_BLAS macro, which may test for the file Blas/.MakeOk? ; however, it does so using ../ThirdParty/Blas/?.MakeOk?, which is inappropriate as it would refer to Bonmin/ThirdParty/ThirdParty/Blas/?.MakeOk?.

Either Lapack is not allowed to use that macro or the macro must be written in a more generic way.

Best, Michael

#46 fixed Netlib Screwed You! andreasw linderoth

Hi All,

I couldn't figure out why my Ipopt build kept failing, (as Andreas is always so reliable). It seems that the blas you download from netlab (via the get.BLAS script) now gets unpacked into a subdirectory BLAS, so the configure check fails to recognize that you have it installed.

I just copied the fortran code up one directory and things seem to be progressing now...

Cheers, -Jeff

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