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#1 fixed 'make clean' for Clp/examples does not work somebody jpfasano

make clean for Clp/examples is not removing the correct files. It seems that the new autotools build process is creating executables with a (better) different name, but make clean is still removing the old names.

The problem can be recreated by:

cd coin-Clp/Clp/examples
make DRIVER=minimum
make clean

The first make creates the files minimum.exe and minimum.o. The make clean removes driver.exe and driver.o

#120 fixed --git is not obeyed for Data dependencies in tkr juan-pablo-vielma

Created at Aug 24, 2018:

BuildTools/, Lines 350 to 354 in f061d47

 if [ $svn_repo = 'Data' ]; then 
     data_proj=`echo $url | cut -d '/' -f 6` 
     print_action "Checking out Data/$data_proj" 
     svn co $url Data/$data_proj 
     subdirs+="Data/$data_proj " 
#53 fixed --xlic_lib=sunperf doesn't work with CC compiler on SUN andreasw andreasw

It seems that CC -xlic_lib=sunperf does not work.

configure:27421: CC -o conftest -O4  -DNDEBUG -xlic_lib=sunperf
ld: fatal: library -lm: not found
ld: fatal: library -lc: not found

The C compiler (cc) has no problem.

Question is whether this can be fixed, or if we should take that option out of coin.m4

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