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#80 fixed configure for profiling somebody Gassmann

I am trying to configure a project (OS) for profiling (on Linux Ubuntu). What flags to I need to add to make this work?

#74 worksforme make fails on LibraryHandler.c (confname.h) andreasw Pilpel

Running make to compile Ipopt 3.7.0 (as well as 3.6.0 and 3.5.0) fails on LibraryHandler?.c when trying to include LibraryHandler?.h which in turn includes confname.h. To allow the compile to proceded I've had to edit my distro's source file located in /usr/include/bits/confname.h and remove a comma. Make then proceeds without errors.

#86 invalid Installation Error stefan aminashabbeer

I am trying to install bonmin on my Windows 7 machine

I think it did not install correctly. And I think there was a problem when I did the 3rd party installation –it got all the files and unzipped them but could not change the permissions. I got errors such as:” Cannot change ownership to uid 502, gid 20: Invalid argument”

i have attached the output of make test- if this is helpful

thanks, Amina

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