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#2 fixed Compiling with lapack and blas andreasw fmargot

How do I compile a package with Lapack and Blas? With the old build process, there was a line

CoinLibsDefined += COIN_lapack

in Makefile.location. I tried

./configure --with-lapack --with-blas

but this does not seem to work. At least, there is no mention of Lapack or Blas in the config.log. I could not find any mention of this on the BuildTools? Trac pages.

#6 fixed make uninstall; make distclean doing partial job andreasw fmargot

After 'make uninstall' and 'make distclean' in a VPATH installation, a lot of stuff are still in the build directory.

Is there a way to really reset the directory in the initial state? I can not find it.

#9 fixed tried various ways to add -D defines to project -- all seem to fail andreasw kingaj

How does one pass in a define statement "-DMYDEF=XX" into a project compilation?

Here are the various ways I tried to do this: 1) Modify test/ -- all changes to this file seem to be completely ignored by configure. 2) Define CXXDEFS in the environment as suggested in -- this is also completely ignored by configure. 3) Modify coin.m4 so that CXXDEFS is included in DEFS -- this also seems to have failed.

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