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(edit) @3251   7 years stefan add back macros to check for some standard system libs
(edit) @3249   7 years stefan add back AC_COIN_DOXYGEN
(edit) @3247   7 years stefan init automake and make libtool in initialize, too
(edit) @3245   7 years stefan reorganize initialization macros
(edit) @3244   7 years stefan put back blas and lapack checks
(edit) @3243   7 years stefan fix cflags/libs pkg-config call from previous commit; dependencies …
(edit) @3242   7 years stefan fixes
(edit) @3241   7 years stefan put back logic to figure out cflags/libs/datadir from dependencies; …
(edit) @3192   8 years stefan put back some initialize/finalize and package searching functionality
(edit) @3128   8 years kelman Fix test for finding std::isnan on Mac, new autoconf treats parameters …
(edit) @3124   8 years stefan add COIN_EXAMPLE_FILES, see #95:6
(edit) @3123   8 years kelman Update automake files to 1.14 versions, fixes a configure warning …
(edit) @3121   8 years stefan add compile to autotoolsFiles
(edit) @3120   8 years stefan update to automake 1.14
(edit) @3119   8 years stefan give coin.m4 a fresh start, see also #95
(edit) @3118   8 years stefan merge r2552 and r2554 from autotools-update branch
(edit) @3115   8 years tkr change CXX to CC and fix bug in detecting dependency linking
(edit) @3114   8 years tkr Merging r3112 and r3113 from stable/1.7
(edit) @3111   8 years tkr Merging r3110 from stable/0.7
(edit) @3062   8 years stefan add a so far undocumented configure option that could be used in …
(edit) @3052   8 years stefan overwrite CYGPATH_W only if not set by user
(edit) @3051   8 years tkr Merging r3050 from stable/1.7
(edit) @3045   8 years stefan patch by T. Kelman to setup proper CXXLIBS when clang is used
(edit) @3007   8 years stefan allow --enable-msvc=MD as equivalent for --enable-msvc --enable-shared
(edit) @3004   8 years stefan remove also -lgcc* flags from FLIBS
(edit) @3003   8 years stefan remove some remainings of -mno-cygwin
(edit) @3001   8 years stefan refine some tests for existing files - use test -f instead of test -r …
(edit) @2963   8 years stefan fixup --enable-msvc
(edit) @2962   8 years stefan remove --enable-doscompile=mingw -mno-cygwin does not work on current …
(edit) @2946   8 years stefan call get scripts with -y option; set svn keywords prop
(edit) @2880   8 years tkr Fixing issue with CYGWIN and MSVC++
(edit) @2879   8 years stefan fix for r2878: echo has to be after xargs
(edit) @2878   8 years stefan do dos2unix before xargs - according to Ted this fixed some issue on …
(edit) @2865   8 years stefan make warning message more precise
(edit) @2863   8 years stefan fix obvious bug in setting CYGPATH_W to echo
(edit) @2862   8 years tkr Undoing quoting of PKGCONFIG
(edit) @2861   8 years tkr Quoting PKG_CONFIG and setting CYGPATH_W to echo for gcc
(edit) @2857   8 years tkr Adding additional library search directory
(edit) @2841   8 years stefan restore r2838, but fix issue with */* projects; also fix updating of …
(edit) @2840   8 years stefan revert r2838, breaks things for */* projects
(edit) @2838   8 years stefan fix issues with prepare_new_* script when using -p option: externals …
(edit) @2801   8 years stefan adapt whitespace to avoid changes in configure
(edit) @2800   8 years stefan move project versioning stuff into extra macro
(edit) @2767   8 years stefan compiler flags may be determined before deciding on shared or static …
(edit) @2766   8 years stefan try to use -MD(d) instead of -MT(d) for (i)cl builds if …
(edit) @2765   8 years stefan by default, disable pkg-config for msvc++ builds
(edit) @2764   8 years stefan use AC_CHECK_TOOL instead of AC_PATH_TOOL to check for pkg-config: may …
(edit) @2758   9 years tkr Generate debug information
(edit) @2676   9 years stefan don't advertise or use automatically --enable-static-standardlibs for now
(edit) @2668   9 years stefan fix auto select of use_static_standardlibs
(edit) @2659   9 years stefan add --enable-static-standardlibs to add flags like …
(edit) @2618   9 years stefan workaround problems with wrong guessing of libdir on opensuse 64bit systems
(edit) @2583   9 years stefan patch by Sébastien Farro to fix problems when using svnversion on …
(edit) @2577   9 years stefan remove wsock32.lib from dependencies
(edit) @2555   10 years tkr Adding property sheets
(edit) @2485   10 years tkr Fix for OSX
(edit) @2482   10 years stefan fix confusing clang compiler with MS compiler (cl) or Intel compiler …
(edit) @2477   10 years stefan add define for availability of cstddef with MS compiler
(edit) @2431   10 years stefan fix setup of library dependencies to filter out libiomp5 too
(edit) @2423   10 years stefan avoid HAVE_ZLIB and HAVE_BZLIB defines
(edit) @2422   10 years stefan add AC_COIN_CHECK_GMP; cleanup a few other macros
(edit) @2421   10 years stefan enable zlib and bzlib by default, do not require --enable-gnu-packages …
(edit) @2401   10 years stefan fix comments
(edit) @2400   10 years stefan Data projects are also normal projects
(edit) @2399   10 years stefan do not replace first argument of AC_COIN_PROJECTDIR_INIT
(edit) @2395   10 years stefan disable build for thirdparty projects without get-script; workaround …
(edit) @2362   10 years stefan report error if autoconf or automake cannot be found
(edit) @2357   10 years stefan try to fix setup of numeric version number in prepare_new_stable
(edit) @2335   10 years andreasw type in quotation
(edit) @2330   10 years stefan undo chgset 2291, since it does not help
(edit) @2328   10 years stefan undo chgset 2292, it seems to do things even worse on AIX
(edit) @2305   10 years stefan should be safe not to make the prefix optional
(edit) @2304   10 years stefan add COIN_CHECK_ISFINITE and COIN_CHECK_ISNAN (copied from CoinUtils?)
(edit) @2293   10 years stefan change help string to --disable-... for options that are enabled by default
(edit) @2292   10 years stefan AIX does not seem to have tr, so use some other way to replace …
(edit) @2291   10 years stefan for AIX builds, patch config.status to reduce the length of commands …
(edit) @2290   10 years stefan remove unused LIBTOOL_WRAPPER
(edit) @2289   10 years stefan as in chgset 2243 for prepare_new_release, update update of version …
(edit) @2288   10 years stefan use AC_CHECK_TOOLS instead of AC_CHECK_PROGS to check for fortran …
(edit) @2273   10 years stefan fix recent fix for mingw: need to replace -l before -L to avoid double …
(edit) @2262   10 years stefan tweaks for building under mingw, one for gfortran, once for cl
(edit) @2261   10 years stefan substitute only first occurence (should be at the beginning)
(edit) @2260   10 years stefan do not assume bash when substituting
(edit) @2259   10 years stefan move trouble note before finished message
(edit) @2258   10 years stefan add link to troubleshooting page
(edit) @2243   10 years stefan update update of version numbers in configuration header file for …
(edit) @2242   10 years stefan set also PCLIBS/PCREQUIRES variables for first argument of …
(edit) @2238   11 years stefan explicitly disable optimization in debug mode, since MPI compiler …
(edit) @2235   11 years stefan filter also != from version number specs in fallback
(edit) @2214   11 years stefan remove -Wimplicit from warning flags for C++ compiler
(edit) @2209   11 years stefan also check for --without-prjct when deciding on skipping a project
(edit) @2208   11 years stefan extend docu on --enable-debug option; do not try to disable shared in …
(edit) @2207   11 years Gassmann Added MSVS v9 .vcproj file
(edit) @2204   11 years stefan move defines that are specific to a project into this projects header file
(edit) @2203   11 years stefan add -DPROJECTNAME_BUILD to C/C++ compiler flags
(edit) @2202   11 years lou Modify coin-functions to properly calculate libtool 'current' and …
(edit) @2201   11 years stefan fix calcLibtoolAge: add missing slash to end of pattern
(edit) @2165   11 years stefan fix check whether C compiler is cl or icl: should check CC and do this …
(edit) @2155   11 years stefan fix check for svn revision again
(edit) @2145   11 years stefan fix nonsetting of _SVN_REV if code is not a checkout from svn repo
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