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(edit) @1023   12 years ladanyi changed default opt level to -O from -O3 for xlc
(edit) @1017   12 years tkr Undefining HAVE_WINDOWS_H
(edit) @1001   12 years ladanyi replaced 'let new_rel++' with '2' for better script portability
(edit) @994   12 years ladanyi added unsigned 64bit integer type to the windows defs
(edit) @966   12 years andreasw added a few definitions from Ipopt config.h
(edit) @963   12 years ladanyi Removed #defines not belonging to this file
(edit) @960   12 years andreasw taking care of BuildTools? ticket #62
(edit) @951   12 years andreasw added libtool fix for Darwin for shared library support, as suggested …
(edit) @946   12 years andreasw added a few things for building of loadable libraries
(edit) @937   12 years andreasw add PROJDOCDIR to the automatically generated makefile variables for …
(edit) @928   12 years andreasw set keyword property on
(edit) @925   12 years ladanyi removed unnecessary SIZEOF definitions
(edit) @899   12 years andreasw allow the Intel icl compiler in mcvs dos mode; put README etc files …
(edit) @896   12 years ladanyi added #define to MSC include
(edit) @863   12 years andreasw synchonizing trunk with stable
(edit) @832   12 years andreasw make sure that -patch flag is used in prepare_new_release script when …
(edit) @822   12 years jpfasano Attempt to fix windows build that is failing as the result of a recent …
(edit) @811   12 years andreasw removed VERSION from share/doc directory
(edit) @810   12 years andreasw added code in to install README, AUTHORS, and LICENSE files
(edit) @777   12 years lou Make 64-bit GCC builds work on Solaris x86, and make them more robust …
(edit) @728   12 years andreasw corrected last commit
(edit) @727   12 years andreasw exclude ThirdParty/?*/ from files being modified in release …
(edit) @726   12 years andreasw also on AIX don't use shared libraries
(edit) @705   12 years lou Fix bonehead mistake in test to avoid /usr/ucb/cc on Solaris. What was …
(edit) @664   12 years lou Patch libtool for 64-bit GCC build on Solaris. Do a better job of …
(edit) @594   13 years lou Correctly handle Solaris x86. Change handling of libsunperf to be …
(edit) @585   13 years andreasw added warning about debug compilation for compile_f2c script
(edit) @584   13 years andreasw corrected error message in prepare_stable_release script
(edit) @561   13 years andreasw corrected version update for release version in prepare_new_release script
(edit) @519   13 years andreasw merging changes from Bug Squashing Party Aug 2007 to regular trunk
(edit) @446   13 years andreasw minor change to COIN_HAS_GLPK
(edit) @440   13 years andreasw fixing include directory definition for MUMPS in case user wants to …
(edit) @438   13 years lou Fix creeping bashism in commit_new_release. Change ==' to =' in …
(edit) @435   13 years lou Remove a wayward debug print.
(edit) @434   13 years lou Revised version of COIN_HAS_GLPK, considers glpk and gmpl.
(edit) @428   13 years andreasw added AC_COIN_HAS_GLPK
(edit) @427   13 years andreasw added COIN_CHECK_FILE which also works for cross compilation
(edit) @426   13 years andreasw enabled shared libraries for debug compile; started fix for VPATH soft …
(edit) @424   13 years andreasw replaced cd - so that it runs in sh
(edit) @422   13 years andreasw corrected bug in prepare_new_release
(edit) @419   13 years andreasw making COIN_HEADERS a noop thingy again
(edit) @416   13 years andreasw updated config.* files
(edit) @414   13 years andreasw minor corrections
(edit) @413   13 years andreasw corrected error in error message
(edit) @412   13 years andreasw some changes for release files; make it work for Data projects
(edit) @409   13 years andreasw more fix with proper exit
(edit) @401   13 years andreasw added scripts for making new releases
(edit) @384   13 years andreasw make sure run_autotools script bails out in case of error
(edit) @363   13 years andreasw get rid of annoying MSVC warning message
(edit) @362   13 years andreasw add new defines for MSVC standard config.h
(edit) @361   13 years andreasw fix confdefs.h file for MSVC compiler - that exit function does not …
(edit) @351   13 years andreasw include search for compile_f2c for Cygwin/MSys configuration
(edit) @350   13 years andreasw allow the use of f2c name mangling when COIN_USE_F2C is defined
(edit) @336   13 years andreasw fixed VPATH links for mingw in Cygwin
(edit) @332   13 years andreasw some fixes for MSys
(edit) @330   13 years andreasw added Id keyword
(edit) @325   13 years andreasw added compile_f2c tool to compiler Fortran source with f2c and MSVC …
(edit) @324   13 years andreasw cosmetic change
(edit) @311   13 years andreasw fixing bug reported in
(edit) @309   13 years lou Enhance COIN_HAS_USER_LIBRARY to take a list of function names and …
(edit) @298   13 years andreasw included JPs 290 stable/0.5 fix into trunk
(edit) @291   13 years andreasw added description of configure options in file
(edit) @289   13 years andreasw added automatic fix of libtool script for Darwin
(edit) @281   13 years andreasw fixing a few things for Cygwin compile with native MS/Intel compilers
(edit) @280   13 years andreasw assume now that MUMPS source code is in ThirdParty/Mumps?/MUMPS, …
(edit) @265   13 years andreasw reverted order of Intel and GNU compilers to original order
(edit) @263   13 years andreasw yet another fix for MUMPS
(edit) @261   13 years andreasw corrected pthread check for Mumps
(edit) @253   13 years andreasw reverted search order for compiler back to GNU before Intel
(edit) @248   13 years andreasw first version of Mumps 3rd party
(edit) @243   13 years andreasw add bugfix for libtool to handle -m32 on x86_64 with gnu compilers
(edit) @241   13 years andreasw use test -r to check for existence of libtool script, not …
(edit) @237   13 years andreasw fix in coin.m4 for BLAS
(edit) @226   13 years andreasw fixed BLAS and LAPACK test. Also make it so that ThirdParty? code is …
(edit) @209   13 years lou Added enhanced --enable-doscompile option.
(edit) @207   13 years andreasw Lou's modification of run_autotools that looks at COIN_SKIP_PROJECTS …
(edit) @206   13 years andreasw corrected flibs correction
(edit) @199   13 years andreasw corrected libtool fixes on Cygwin - was screwed up after re-use changes
(edit) @198   13 years andreasw caught one missing CL* check
(edit) @193   13 years andreasw correct last submit in trunk
(edit) @192   13 years andreasw don't check for libtools in ../../..; allow wildcard in ThirdParty?
(edit) @186   13 years andreasw have configure script recognize CL in capital letters
(edit) @180   13 years andreasw removed double occurance of ADD_CFLAGS
(edit) @178   13 years andreasw changed MSVC compiler option from -Yd to -MTd in trunk
(edit) @177   13 years andreasw added build system check for CREATE_LIBTOOL (otherwise …
(edit) @176   13 years andreasw make sure library tests are done with C compiler
(edit) @171   13 years andreasw corrected minor issue with RPATH_FLAGS detection
(edit) @165   13 years andreasw - allow to use libtool script from package's base directory (skip a …
(edit) @159   13 years andreasw added a number of changes suggested by Lou
(edit) @156   13 years andreasw make sure trunk has stable version of coin.m4
(edit) @135   13 years andreasw enabled inactivation of warning flags for compilers
(edit) @134   13 years andreasw correcting quotation in COIN_HAS_BLAS and COIN_HAS_LAPACK; reported by …
(copy) @130   13 years andreasw creating new trunk from stable/0.5 (rev 129)
copied from stable/0.5:
(edit) @126   13 years andreasw added integer type to MSVC specific header file (and removed M's)
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