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(edit) @2289   9 years stefan as in chgset 2243 for prepare_new_release, update update of version …
(edit) @2243   9 years stefan update update of version numbers in configuration header file for …
(edit) @2202   10 years lou Modify coin-functions to properly calculate libtool 'current' and …
(edit) @2127   10 years lou Change handling of Dependencies so that it specifies stable branches.
(edit) @2071   10 years stefan Ted's fix for getting BuildTools? URL from externals
(edit) @1950   10 years andreasw changed license from CPL to EPL (see also …
(edit) @1845   10 years lou Implement command-line list to ignore buildtools mismatch for …
(edit) @1828   10 years stefan merge chgset 1816 from stable/0.6: ted's fix for way age is determined
(edit) @1817   10 years lou Small but critical tweak to pass correct argument to PROJECTDIR_INIT.
(edit) @1767   10 years stefan treat thirdparty projects also as normal projects
(edit) @1693   10 years lou Changes to make cmdDir more robust against differences in shells …
(edit) @1593   10 years lou Release scripts *_new_release rewritten for new script architecture. …
(edit) @1505   11 years tkr Fixing conflict with changes Stefan made to allow version info to be set
(edit) @1366   11 years tkr Slight change to prepare_new_release
(edit) @1364   11 years tkr Souping up prepare_new_release
(edit) @1362   11 years tkr Merging changes related to setting version info
(edit) @1303   11 years stefan add missing quote (fix suggested by P. Belotti); merged changeset 1302 …
(edit) @1224   12 years stefan allow (and ignore) commented lines in Externals file
(edit) @1211   12 years lou Long-promised revised versions of release scripts.
(edit) @1033   12 years andreasw making sure that trunk has the same files as stable/0.5
(edit) @1001   13 years ladanyi replaced 'let new_rel++' with '2' for better script portability
(edit) @832   13 years andreasw make sure that -patch flag is used in prepare_new_release script when …
(edit) @728   13 years andreasw corrected last commit
(edit) @727   13 years andreasw exclude ThirdParty/?*/ from files being modified in release …
(edit) @584   13 years andreasw corrected error message in prepare_stable_release script
(edit) @561   13 years andreasw corrected version update for release version in prepare_new_release script
(edit) @424   13 years andreasw replaced cd - so that it runs in sh
(edit) @422   13 years andreasw corrected bug in prepare_new_release
(edit) @414   13 years andreasw minor corrections
(edit) @413   13 years andreasw corrected error in error message
(edit) @412   13 years andreasw some changes for release files; make it work for Data projects
(add) @401   13 years andreasw added scripts for making new releases
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