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(edit) @2099   10 years stefan merge chgset 2098 from stable/0.7: fix for using --with-xxx-yyy and no …
(edit) @1950   10 years andreasw changed license from CPL to EPL (see also …
(edit) @1911   10 years stefan new build system does not like windows-style directories in .pc files, …
(edit) @1843   10 years stefan merge chgset 1842 from stable/0.6: rewrite fallback to fix order of …
(edit) @1840   10 years stefan merge chgset 1838 from stable/0.6: fix parsing .pc file again
(edit) @1815   10 years lou Back merge stable/0.6 r1813:1814 into trunk.
(edit) @1812   10 years tkr Merging r1811 to trunk
(edit) @1802   10 years lou Merge stable/0.6 r1801 into trunk.
(edit) @1800   10 years lou Backmerge tweaks to coin-functions sucked up in r1799 to stable, to …
(edit) @1544   10 years stefan merge split branch rev. 1543 into trunk
(edit) @1505   11 years tkr Fixing conflict with changes Stefan made to allow version info to be set
(edit) @1113   12 years andreasw Merged in changes from …
(edit) @946   13 years andreasw added a few things for building of loadable libraries
(edit) @585   13 years andreasw added warning about debug compilation for compile_f2c script
(edit) @332   13 years andreasw some fixes for MSys
(edit) @330   13 years andreasw added Id keyword
(add) @325   13 years andreasw added compile_f2c tool to compiler Fortran source with f2c and MSVC …
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