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(edit) @1957   11 years stefan merge chgset 1950 from trunk
(edit) @1916   11 years stefan sync stable/0.6 with trunk rev.1915
(edit) @1890   11 years stefan remove old branch
(edit) @1889   11 years stefan remove old BSP branch
(edit) @1842   11 years stefan rewrite of fallback: first assemble list of all dependent projects, …
(edit) @1838   11 years stefan fix parsing in fallback again
(edit) @1836   11 years stefan merge chgset 1835 from trunk: fix for sed on Mac
(edit) @1834   11 years stefan merge chgset 1833 from trunk: report blas flags also if -lblas check …
(edit) @1832   11 years stefan merge chgset 1831 from trunk: put argument into quotes in case it …
(edit) @1827   11 years stefan merge chgset 1826 from trunk: when checking user-supplied or installed …
(edit) @1824   11 years tkr Merging r1823
(edit) @1820   11 years lou Merge r1817:1819 from trunk; tweaks for CoinBazaar?.
(edit) @1816   11 years tkr Changing the way age is determined
(edit) @1814   11 years lou Sigh. This is way too much annoyance. One more time.
(edit) @1813   11 years lou One more time to do correct grooming when changing trunk url used for …
(edit) @1811   11 years tkr Fixing function for calculating age
(edit) @1801   11 years lou Tweak prepare_new_stable to recognise pre-1.1 Data when converting …
(edit) @1799   11 years lou Merge trunk r1715, r1797:1798; fix one more bug in prepare_new_stable.
(edit) @1771   11 years stefan merge chgset 1767 from trunk
(edit) @1730   11 years stefan merged chgsets 1727,1728 from trunk: fix setting of …
(edit) @1713   11 years stefan sync with trunk: lou's changes in comments
(edit) @1712   11 years stefan merge chgset 1711 from trunk
(edit) @1709   11 years lou Merge trunk r1708 prepare_new_stable.
(edit) @1698   11 years tkr Syncing with trunk
(edit) @1697   11 years stefan rename some COIN_HAS macros to COIN_CHECK; remove old _MODULE_ macros; …
(edit) @1695   11 years tkr Syncing stable/0.6 with trunk
(edit) @1694   11 years tkr Backing out r1579
(edit) @1591   11 years lou Add code to PROJECTDIR_INIT to define XXX_VERSION. Assumes the first …
(edit) @1579   11 years lou Change semantics of PROJECTDIR_INIT to ease transition to trunk …
(edit) @1470   12 years stefan new directory for installation of documentation
(edit) @1467   12 years stefan allow for .pc files which name differ from the project's short name
(edit) @1466   12 years stefan make sure projects are only configured+build if not installed yet
(edit) @1465   12 years stefan cannot use libdir variable, since it just expands to another variable
(edit) @1464   12 years stefan no extra pkgconfig dirs for Data and ThirdParty?; blas.pc will be …
(edit) @1459   12 years stefan put CYGPATH_W into include paths
(edit) @1455   12 years stefan some cleanup
(edit) @1452   12 years stefan add feature to indicate that a module is not required
(edit) @1451   12 years stefan fix PKG_CHECK_MODULE_EXISTS; put more paths into PKG_CONFIG_PATH
(edit) @1448   12 years stefan fix COIN_HAS_MODULE_BLAS and ..._LAPACK
(edit) @1445   12 years stefan set variable ABSBUILDDIR for setup of ..-uninstalled.pc files
(edit) @1444   12 years stefan let AC_COIN_FINALIZE write coin_subdirs to a file so that configure in …
(edit) @1443   12 years stefan allow to disable pkg-config; add AC_COIN_HAS_MODULE_BLAS and …
(edit) @1440   12 years stefan change COIN_HAS_MODULE again: require list of packages in only one …
(edit) @1438   12 years stefan add AC_COIN_MAIN_PACKAGEDIR; fixes in COIN_HAS_MODULE
(edit) @1433   12 years stefan fix helper macro
(edit) @1432   12 years stefan add REQUIREDPACKAGES variable
(edit) @1431   12 years stefan add COIN_HAS_MODULE macro to check for a set of packages via pkg-config
(edit) @1400   12 years tkr Merging r1368 accidentally committed to releases/0.5.29 to stable/0.5 …
(edit) @1398   12 years stefan add some macros to setup a project directory with the use of pkg-config
(edit) @1395   12 years stefan to allow selecting from multiple files
(edit) @1394   12 years stefan fix typo
(edit) @1393   12 years stefan think again about in COIN_HAS_PROJECT
(edit) @1392   12 years stefan change last weeks commit again: give project directory and name as …
(edit) @1381   12 years stefan same as in trunk
(edit) @1380   12 years stefan allow second argument for COIN_MAIN_SUBDIR and COIN_HAS_PROJECT to …
(edit) @1375   12 years stefan allow to call AC_COIN_HAS_PROJECT macro with arguments that have a / …
(edit) @1374   12 years stefan same as chgset 1373 in trunk
(edit) @1371   12 years stefan AC_COIN_EXAMPLE_FILES: add and evaluate enable-doscompile option …
(edit) @1370   12 years tkr Merging r1369 from trunk to stable/0.6
(edit) @1367   12 years tkr Merging r1366 from trunk to stable/0.6
(edit) @1365   12 years tkr Merging r1364 from trunk to stable/0.6
(edit) @1363   12 years tkr Creating stable version 0.6
(edit) @1331   12 years andreasw synchronizing BuildTools? stable/0.5 with trunk rev 1330
(edit) @1323   12 years tkr Allowing trunks to be specified as externals
(edit) @1322   12 years tkr Edit to help for set_externals
(edit) @1319   12 years tkr Modifying prepare_new_release to set libtool version info
(edit) @1318   12 years andreasw bugfix for FLIBS; remove -lcygwin (and make sure all other corrections …
(edit) @1317   12 years andreasw correct -version-info option
(edit) @1316   12 years andreasw added option to set -version-info argument with AC_COIN_PROJECTDIR_INIT
(edit) @1315   12 years andreasw a few bugfixes for instdir
(edit) @1314   12 years andreasw final instdir commits for tonight
(edit) @1313   12 years andreasw more incldir changes
(edit) @1312   12 years andreasw more --with-proj-instdir changes
(edit) @1311   12 years tkr Small fix
(edit) @1310   12 years tkr Small fix
(edit) @1309   12 years tkr Adding script to automatically set externals
(edit) @1308   12 years andreasw added --with-proj* configure options
(edit) @1307   12 years coin removing accidentaly created subdir
(edit) @1306   12 years coin making the BSPsplit branch
(edit) @1305   12 years coin making the BSPsplit branch
(edit) @1304   12 years tkr Temporarily copying stable/0.5 to BSP for bug squashing party
(edit) @1302   13 years stefan add missing quote (fix suggested by P. Belotti)
(edit) @1272   13 years andreasw synchronized BuildTools?/stable/0.5 with trunk rev 1271
(edit) @1239   13 years andreasw synchronize stable/0.5 with trunk rev 1238
(edit) @1236   13 years stefan synchronize with trunk rev 1234
(edit) @1189   13 years ladanyi Do not do run_autotools on ThirdParty/?*/*
(edit) @1148   13 years stefan remove BSP branch because it has been merged into trunk and stable branch
(edit) @1112   13 years andreasw Merged in changes from …
(edit) @1103   13 years stefan taking libcmt(d) out explicitly not necessary anymore, probably due to …
(edit) @1097   13 years stefan take pedantic-errors out of cflags and cxxflags for darwin, because 1. …
(edit) @1095   13 years stefan FLIBS for Windows/Intel? setup: need to take libcmtd.lib in non-debug …
(edit) @1094   13 years stefan fix setup of EXAMPLE_CLEAN_FILES
(edit) @1092   13 years stefan take out explicit link to libifcorert(d).lib to avoid dependency of …
(edit) @1091   13 years stefan add -lstdc++ to CXXLIBS for intel compiler
(edit) @1089   13 years stefan another fix for debug build with intel compiler on windows
(edit) @1086   13 years stefan fix debug flags for intel fortran in windows
(edit) @1083   13 years andreasw make sure xlC compiles .c files are C++ for SYMPHONY; allow BLAS …
(edit) @1074   13 years andreasw always choose threadsafe compilers on AIX
(edit) @1069   13 years stefan add -mp1 to cflags as well
(edit) @1068   13 years stefan add -mp1 compiler flag for Intel on Linux in optimized mode; improves …
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