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(edit) @1103   13 years stefan taking libcmt(d) out explicitly not necessary anymore, probably due to …
(edit) @1097   13 years stefan take pedantic-errors out of cflags and cxxflags for darwin, because 1. …
(edit) @1095   13 years stefan FLIBS for Windows/Intel? setup: need to take libcmtd.lib in non-debug …
(edit) @1094   13 years stefan fix setup of EXAMPLE_CLEAN_FILES
(edit) @1092   13 years stefan take out explicit link to libifcorert(d).lib to avoid dependency of …
(edit) @1091   13 years stefan add -lstdc++ to CXXLIBS for intel compiler
(edit) @1089   13 years stefan another fix for debug build with intel compiler on windows
(edit) @1086   13 years stefan fix debug flags for intel fortran in windows
(edit) @1083   13 years andreasw make sure xlC compiles .c files are C++ for SYMPHONY; allow BLAS …
(edit) @1074   13 years andreasw always choose threadsafe compilers on AIX
(edit) @1069   13 years stefan add -mp1 to cflags as well
(edit) @1068   13 years stefan add -mp1 compiler flag for Intel on Linux in optimized mode; improves …
(edit) @1062   13 years stefan get new COIN_HAS_MUMPS comitted (BuildTools? ticket 64)
(edit) @1061   13 years stefan say what to do if unistd.h is not found
(copy) @1055   13 years tkr Temporarily copying stable/0.5 to BSP for bug squashing party
copied from stable/0.5:
(edit) @1024   13 years ladanyi changed default opt level to -O from -O3 for xlc
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