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(edit) @4026   8 months stefan only pipe through dos2unix if it exists
(edit) @4016   8 months stefan assume prefix is already an absolute path - thus do not try to cd …
(edit) @3993   9 months stefan do not add extra newline if $2 is nonempty - this should lead to …
(edit) @3987   9 months stefan look also three level downs for coin_subdirs.txt and some other - …
(edit) @3949   15 months stefan point also to releases in Dependencies file of release - that is, …
(edit) @3946   15 months stefan allow check for BuildTools? URL in external to fail - some projects …
(edit) @3935   18 months unxusr v14 in VS BuildTools?
(edit) @3805   2 years stefan fix message on failing FFLAGS
(edit) @3722   3 years stefan ignore error due to no externals
(edit) @3701   4 years stefan omit -pedantic-errors on all platforms [t:44], github issue #1 - with …
(edit) @3632   4 years stefan merge r3631 from trunk: replaced tabs by spaces in run_autotools
(edit) @3618   4 years stefan document --reconfigure
(edit) @3617   4 years stefan rename .config to .get.dependencies.config, as the former is too …
(edit) @3616   4 years stefan extend usage a bit; echo what is checked out
(edit) @3615   4 years stefan replace tabs by 8 spaces; set executable property
(edit) @3599   4 years stefan ignore errors from svn propget - it's ok if svn:externals is not set
(edit) @3594   4 years stefan put back test on user-supplied lapack libs - I don't think I meant to …
(edit) @3588   4 years tkr Fixing small bug with Data projects
(edit) @3587   4 years stefan clear cached results from check with 32bit MKL when looking for 64bit …
(edit) @3586   4 years stefan do some blas/lapack checks with C linkage if F77 not available, e.g., …
(edit) @3584   4 years tkr Reverting fix for MinGW 32-bit...doesn't work
(edit) @3583   4 years tkr Reverting r3582 and applying the patch I actually meant to apply
(edit) @3582   4 years tkr Using correct version of make on MinGW
(edit) @3581   4 years tkr Small fix to script
(edit) @3575   4 years tkr Adding author information and some additional help
(edit) @3562   4 years tkr gfortran isn't currently a viable option with --enable-msvc
(edit) @3561   4 years tkr Adding get.dependencies script
(edit) @3560   4 years tkr Running dos2unix regardless of platform due to same bug now arising on …
(edit) @3519   5 years stefan set LD=link if ifort only on windows
(edit) @3482   5 years tkr Adding separate target for making PDF doxygen documentation
(edit) @3481   5 years tkr Fix small bug
(edit) @3480   5 years tkr Adding target for building Doxygen documentation for project and …
(edit) @3479   5 years tkr Now relative paths work for cross-referencing Doxygen documentation
(edit) @3468   5 years tkr Adding automatic targets for standard doxygen setup.
(edit) @3467   5 years tkr Add check for Latex to build PDF doxygen documentation and also export …
(edit) @3466   5 years stefan quote pattern to avoid that it is expanded by shell
(edit) @3432   5 years tkr Fixing bug in calculating libtool version number
(edit) @3390   5 years tkr Fixing bug that didn't allow detection of shared library build in …
(edit) @3339   5 years stefan advance dependency-linking to non-hidden feature by adding a …
(edit) @3279   5 years tkr Merging r3273 from stable/0.7
(edit) @3275   5 years tkr Disabling dependency linking with Visual Studio by default
(edit) @3272   5 years tkr Making dependency linking default
(copy) @3271   5 years tkr Making new stable 0.8 from stable 0.7
copied from stable/0.7:
(edit) @3257   6 years tkr Making clang the default C++ compiler, too
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