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(edit) @3947   13 months stefan disable svn permissions
(edit) @3934   16 months tkr Giving Haroldo write permission
(edit) @3558   4 years lou Add projectShortDescription; other mods to facilitate automated …
(edit) @3269   5 years lou Enforce schema; groom data.
(edit) @3268   5 years stefan mailing list should be a webpage
(edit) @3267   5 years stefan fix typo
(edit) @3266   5 years stefan update mailing list entry; no source or binary downloads (just svn …
(edit) @3261   5 years mjs Fixed URL spacing for annoying Chrome bug. Updated project manager to Ted.
(edit) @3127   6 years stefan give Miles Lubin access to all of BuildTools?
(edit) @3125   6 years stefan give miles lubin rw for trunk
(edit) @3122   6 years stefan give tony kelman write permissions
(edit) @2479   8 years stefan give Bjarni write access to MSVS project files directory in trunk and …
(edit) @2460   9 years stefan give jonathan hogg write permissions for ThirdParty?/HSL
(edit) @2206   9 years stefan give Gus write access also to 0.6 MSVS
(edit) @2205   9 years stefan give Gus write access to MSVisualStudio directories in trunk and …
(edit) @1574   10 years stefan give Lou writing permissions to the whole BuildTools?
(edit) @1151   12 years stefan clean up perms file (remove BSP branches and testScripts branch)
(edit) @1111   12 years andreasw give Stefan full access to BuildTools?
(edit) @1064   12 years tkr Fixing permissions
(edit) @1063   12 years tkr Setting permissions for Mumps and Lapack for bug squashing party
(edit) @1059   12 years tkr Adding permissions for BSP branch for bug squashing party
(edit) @1058   12 years tkr Adding permissions for BSP branch for bug squashing party
(edit) @768   12 years andreasw took out Builds and Passes Unit Test On
(edit) @767   12 years andreasw corrected typo in XML file
(edit) @766   12 years andreasw added projDesc.xml
(edit) @724   12 years andreasw give Lou write access to ThirdParty?
(edit) @600   12 years jpfasano Changed [BuildTools:/branches/testScript] to …
(edit) @596   12 years andreasw giving stefan write permission for all of BuildTools/Glpk?; giving …
(edit) @432   13 years andreasw give stefan vigerske write permission in ThirdParty/Glpk?/trunk
(edit) @208   13 years andreasw giving write permission to lou in trunk
(edit) @124   13 years ladanyi do not check nightly releases
(add) @103   14 years ladanyi added perm configuration file
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