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(edit) @765   13 years jpfasano Added LaGO
(edit) @764   13 years jpfasano started to add config info for LaGO
(edit) @763   13 years jpfasano updated test for Done message
(edit) @762   13 years jpfasano Added checking for *Done*** at end of smiUnitTest
(edit) @761   13 years jpfasano Updated how smi's tests are run on windows.
(edit) @760   13 years jpfasano Added a check to make sure the test directory exists to avoid a crash …
(edit) @759   13 years jpfasano updated to run CppAD's testMore program
(edit) @758   13 years jpfasano Fixed problem with detecting error after installing 3rd party code
(edit) @757   13 years jpfasano Fixed mistake in OS 'make test' success criteria
(edit) @756   13 years jpfasano Fixed mistake in FlopCpp? 'make test' success criteria
(edit) @755   13 years jpfasano Added comments on setting root dir.
(edit) @754   13 years jpfasano updated to run OS\test\unitTestDebug and OS\test\unitTestRelease
(edit) @753   13 years jpfasano Added running of OSTest.exe built with release.
(edit) @752   13 years jpfasano Changed text of log message
(edit) @751   13 years jpfasano Set configuration to run OS test program on windows after building
(edit) @750   13 years jpfasano Added some additional checks that configuration is specified correctly.
(edit) @749   13 years jpfasano Added comments on setting INCLUDE environment variable to build OS.
(edit) @748   13 years jpfasano Added sending an email msg to the person running the script containing …
(edit) @747   13 years jpfasano Fixed logic error on when an 'svn checkout' needs to be done on windows
(edit) @746   13 years jpfasano Added ability to retrieve history of log messages
(edit) @745   13 years jpfasano Removed some undefined parms from project unitTest programs
(edit) @744   13 years jpfasano Changed Src to src to match case of directory name
(edit) @743   13 years jpfasano Now remove : and = from generated file names
(edit) @742   13 years jpfasano modified how build dir name derived
(edit) @741   13 years jpfasano more clean up. email should now include nightlyBuild log messages
(edit) @740   13 years jpfasano Merging code for windows and unix
(edit) @739   13 years jpfasano Initial effort for building on windows with MS solution file.
(edit) @737   13 years stefan always rerun configure
(edit) @734   13 years stefan remove SVNPATH_PREFIX relict
(edit) @731   13 years jpfasano Smi was listed in twice in PROJECTS
(edit) @730   13 years jpfasano Mofified NBcheckResult so that it is a bunch of small functions that …
(edit) @723   13 years jpfasano Updated to-do list
(edit) @722   13 years jpfasano fixed more typos
(edit) @721   13 years jpfasano fixed typo
(edit) @720   13 years jpfasano Commit is to copy file from my window to linux box. Starting to clean …
(edit) @719   13 years jpfasano A few comment changes. Added Smi to list of supported projects
(edit) @718   13 years jpfasano Added comment about licensing
(edit) @717   13 years jpfasano more tweaking of email msg
(edit) @716   13 years jpfasano Add license file
(edit) @715   13 years jpfasano more editing of email msg
(edit) @714   13 years jpfasano Added authors and install file
(edit) @713   13 years jpfasano modified email message a little
(edit) @712   13 years stefan adding Smi; no check for successful make test yet
(edit) @711   13 years stefan add README
(edit) @710   13 years stefan allow to have parameters that are defined only in the default file and …
(edit) @709   13 years jpfasano Added function to get the number of the latest release version of a …
(edit) @708   13 years jpfasano When doing an "svn update" the code now to deletes success file from …
(edit) @707   13 years stefan add example on how to use CONFIGURE_FLAGS
(edit) @706   13 years jpfasano Some cleanup dealing with removal of
(edit) @704   13 years stefan make info about svn release more visible in email
(edit) @703   13 years jpfasano Tried to better document the BUILDS data structure.
(edit) @702   13 years stefan extend email-message; and a bit more cleaning and bugfixing
(edit) @701   13 years stefan also remove and
(edit) @700   13 years jpfasano Had been grabbing the revision number. Should have been getting the …
(edit) @698   13 years jpfasano fixed syntax error
(edit) @697   13 years jpfasano Updated some logic
(edit) @696   13 years jpfasano updated output message
(edit) @695   13 years jpfasano more clean up of variables. when "svn update" is needed, now there is …
(edit) @694   13 years jpfasano Cleaned up more unused variables by deleting them
(edit) @693   13 years jpfasano removed some no longer used configuration variables
(edit) @692   13 years kmartin update files so NBuserConfig not needed
(edit) @691   13 years kmartin clean up
(edit) @690   13 years kmartin cleanup
(edit) @689   13 years jpfasano Moved to
(edit) @688   13 years jpfasano removing nightlyBuild*.py
(edit) @687   13 years jpfasano Modified to skip build if prior build finished OK, and nothing has …
(edit) @686   13 years jpfasano Moved to computing of the vpath directory to the top of the function
(edit) @685   13 years jpfasano Create file in vpath directory after all tests run successfully
(edit) @684   13 years jpfasano Added two new functions. svnRevision(url) returns the Revision number …
(edit) @683   13 years jpfasano added a comment
(edit) @682   13 years stefan move PROJECTS also into userParameters
(edit) @681   13 years jpfasano Added svn property svn:eol-style native
(edit) @680   13 years stefan change way of reading user parameters; rename option STORE_EMAIL to …
(edit) @679   13 years stefan forgot to take debug message out
(edit) @678   13 years stefan allow to store emails in a file instead of sending them (so no need to …
(edit) @677   13 years stefan store output from get.XXX, make, make test, configure, unittest in …
(edit) @676   13 years stefan run dos2unix to get rid off line-feeds
(edit) @675   13 years jpfasano fixed bug where trying to chdir to a non-existent directory
(edit) @674   13 years jpfasano Tried to create a nicer vpath directory name. Added log message to …
(edit) @673   13 years jpfasano New version of nightlyBuild (newNightlyBuild) which is supposed to …
(edit) @672   13 years stefan add some defaults to to make clear that '0' is …
(edit) @671   13 years kmartin put in temporary kludge to skip Ipopt if ThirdParty? is skipped
(edit) @670   13 years jpfasano Moved my stuff to new config file.
(edit) @669   13 years stefan switch for stdout-log independent of logfile
(edit) @668   13 years stefan allow to let messages go into a logfile instead of stdout
(edit) @667   13 years stefan forgot line for CONFIGURE_FLAGS at end of
(edit) @666   13 years stefan move also my system specific settings in an extra userParameters file
(edit) @665   13 years kmartin modify to scale
(edit) @663   13 years stefan use stat to check file dates instead of ls --fulltime and regex
(edit) @662   14 years stefan add 'NightlyBuild?' to front of e-mail subject line
(edit) @661   14 years stefan add more things todo
(edit) @660   14 years stefan add missing .copy() and allow to skip 3rd party for symphony
(edit) @659   14 years kmartin put in functionality to skip third party projects
(edit) @658   14 years jpfasano fixed bug in logic (i made) regarding getting 3rd party code
(edit) @657   14 years jpfasano Updated nightlyBuild to get 3rd party code, if the script for getting …
(edit) @656   14 years jpfasano Implement local version distutils.dep_util.newer(source,target) that …
(edit) @655   14 years stefan add my configuration for sol10vm
(edit) @654   14 years stefan allow additional usergiven configure flags
(edit) @653   14 years stefan translate dos2unix
(edit) @652   14 years stefan add Bonmin
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