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(edit) @698   13 years jpfasano fixed syntax error
(edit) @697   13 years jpfasano Updated some logic
(edit) @696   13 years jpfasano updated output message
(edit) @695   13 years jpfasano more clean up of variables. when "svn update" is needed, now there is …
(edit) @694   13 years jpfasano Cleaned up more unused variables by deleting them
(edit) @693   13 years jpfasano removed some no longer used configuration variables
(edit) @692   13 years kmartin update files so NBuserConfig not needed
(edit) @691   13 years kmartin clean up
(edit) @690   13 years kmartin cleanup
(edit) @689   13 years jpfasano Moved to
(edit) @688   13 years jpfasano removing nightlyBuild*.py
(edit) @687   13 years jpfasano Modified to skip build if prior build finished OK, and nothing has …
(edit) @686   13 years jpfasano Moved to computing of the vpath directory to the top of the function
(edit) @685   13 years jpfasano Create file in vpath directory after all tests run successfully
(edit) @684   13 years jpfasano Added two new functions. svnRevision(url) returns the Revision number …
(edit) @683   13 years jpfasano added a comment
(edit) @682   13 years stefan move PROJECTS also into userParameters
(edit) @681   13 years jpfasano Added svn property svn:eol-style native
(edit) @680   13 years stefan change way of reading user parameters; rename option STORE_EMAIL to …
(edit) @679   13 years stefan forgot to take debug message out
(edit) @678   13 years stefan allow to store emails in a file instead of sending them (so no need to …
(edit) @677   13 years stefan store output from get.XXX, make, make test, configure, unittest in …
(edit) @676   13 years stefan run dos2unix to get rid off line-feeds
(edit) @675   13 years jpfasano fixed bug where trying to chdir to a non-existent directory
(edit) @674   13 years jpfasano Tried to create a nicer vpath directory name. Added log message to …
(edit) @673   13 years jpfasano New version of nightlyBuild (newNightlyBuild) which is supposed to …
(edit) @672   13 years stefan add some defaults to to make clear that '0' is …
(edit) @671   13 years kmartin put in temporary kludge to skip Ipopt if ThirdParty? is skipped
(edit) @670   13 years jpfasano Moved my stuff to new config file.
(edit) @669   13 years stefan switch for stdout-log independent of logfile
(edit) @668   13 years stefan allow to let messages go into a logfile instead of stdout
(edit) @667   13 years stefan forgot line for CONFIGURE_FLAGS at end of
(edit) @666   13 years stefan move also my system specific settings in an extra userParameters file
(edit) @665   13 years kmartin modify to scale
(edit) @663   13 years stefan use stat to check file dates instead of ls --fulltime and regex
(edit) @662   13 years stefan add 'NightlyBuild?' to front of e-mail subject line
(edit) @661   13 years stefan add more things todo
(edit) @660   13 years stefan add missing .copy() and allow to skip 3rd party for symphony
(edit) @659   13 years kmartin put in functionality to skip third party projects
(edit) @658   13 years jpfasano fixed bug in logic (i made) regarding getting 3rd party code
(edit) @657   13 years jpfasano Updated nightlyBuild to get 3rd party code, if the script for getting …
(edit) @656   13 years jpfasano Implement local version distutils.dep_util.newer(source,target) that …
(edit) @655   13 years stefan add my configuration for sol10vm
(edit) @654   13 years stefan allow additional usergiven configure flags
(edit) @653   13 years stefan translate dos2unix
(edit) @652   13 years stefan add Bonmin
(edit) @651   13 years stefan set marker when third party code had been downloaded, so we can skip …
(edit) @650   13 years stefan make it possible to define project dependent build types (configure …
(edit) @649   13 years jpfasano Many changes thanks to Kipp getting over the vpath hurdle. Added …
(edit) @648   13 years jpfasano Added function to determine latest stable build number of a project.
(edit) @647   13 years stefan add my user data; correcting typos in comments
(edit) @646   13 years jpfasano Fixed up the way DyLP output was being checked for errors
(edit) @645   13 years jpfasano Added some code to do debug builds. This commit is mostly to move code …
(edit) @644   13 years jpfasano Started moving code from to
(edit) @643   13 years jpfasano Changed [] to be {} to avoid a syntax error that the version of python …
(edit) @642   13 years jpfasano Osi's unitTest is now considered a success if Sym completes 89 out of …
(edit) @641   13 years kmartin add that uses vpath builds
(edit) @640   13 years jpfasano Added userConfig variable for deciding if 3rd party codes should be …
(edit) @639   13 years jpfasano Updated checkResult to look for message suggested by Lou for Osi tests
(edit) @638   13 years jpfasano Working on Lou's suggestion on testing success from Osi. This commit …
(edit) @637   13 years jpfasano Added code to get third party packages
(edit) @636   13 years jpfasano Starting to work on checking out third party code. Using commit to …
(edit) @635   13 years jpfasano Updated to display path with error message.
(edit) @634   13 years jpfasano more changes to try to get working on my windows machine
(edit) @633   13 years jpfasano Created new file(module) for checking the results to see if a test …
(edit) @632   13 years jpfasano use the python version number to decide how to implement function
(edit) @631   13 years jpfasano userConfig now has svn path for math01 machine osCommand now has …
(edit) @630   13 years jpfasano Moved code that runs an svn command from to its own file.
(edit) @629   13 years jpfasano removed print statement
(edit) @628   13 years jpfasano Modified functions called to implement running command in seperate process
(edit) @627   13 years jpfasano Added definitions for FlopC++
(edit) @626   13 years jpfasano Added NBosCommand (nightly build operating system command). This is an …
(edit) @625   13 years kmartin add SVNPATH_PREFIX to svn command
(edit) @624   13 years jpfasano fixed problem in how cbc and clp's output checked for successful run
(edit) @623   13 years jpfasano Changed the order that parms are passed to ./cbc and ./clp. The …
(edit) @622   13 years kmartin upadte script for Kipp paramaters
(edit) @621   13 years jpfasano Changed an output message in minor way.
(edit) @620   13 years jpfasano Updated to run Cbc's unitTest
(edit) @619   13 years jpfasano Fixed typo
(edit) @618   13 years jpfasano emailed messages now contain some information about the host machine …
(edit) @617   13 years jpfasano Moved email functions to their own file
(edit) @616   13 years jpfasano Fixed typo in name of function
(edit) @615   13 years jpfasano Added logMessages module(file). Set property to be …
(edit) @614   13 years jpfasano Started process of breaking code up into several files(modules in …
(edit) @613   13 years jpfasano Removed Cbc from ALL_TESTS_COMPLETED_SUCCESSFULLY_CMDS data structure …
(edit) @612   13 years jpfasano Added special code to determine if Cbc's "make test" ran successfully. …
(edit) @611   13 years jpfasano Fixed spelling error
(edit) @610   13 years kmartin edit documentation relating to config file
(edit) @609   13 years kmartin edit documentation relating to config file
(edit) @608   13 years kmartin start to add code to get user depedent information from a config file
(edit) @607   13 years jpfasano modified functions for sending email. Took the one function and made 2
(edit) @606   13 years jpfasano Modified to use gmail smtp server
(edit) @605   13 years jpfasano Mostly worked on comments
(edit) @604   13 years kmartin test commit -- add a space
(edit) @601   13 years stefan adding to todo :-)
(edit) @599   13 years jpfasano Modified to specify -netlibDir when running DyLP and Osi unitTest
(edit) @598   13 years jpfasano Testing svn commit
(edit) @597   13 years jpfasano Initial commit of early thoughts on a script to do periodic builds and …
(edit) @595   13 years andreasw added new branch testScripts
(edit) @526   14 years andreasw deleting temporary BSP branch
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