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(edit) @2580   9 years stefan disable reusing libtool, does not seem to work yet
(edit) @2579   9 years stefan work around some warnings from autoconf
(edit) @2578   9 years stefan revert r2553
(edit) @2554   10 years stefan update autotools version numbers to current latest versions update …
(edit) @2553   10 years stefan - remove macros that workaround problems with old autotools/libtool …
(edit) @2552   10 years stefan add and adapt run_autotools to expect …
(edit) @2551   10 years stefan remove old and never used pre-1.0-branch
(edit) @2550   10 years stefan remove old and never used devel-branch
(edit) @2549   10 years tkr Making branch to try to update the auto tools to a more recent version
(edit) @1888   11 years stefan remove outdated split branch
(edit) @1543   12 years stefan update docu
(edit) @1541   12 years stefan setup pkg-config search path in COIN_HAS_PKGCONFIG and AC_SUBST it
(edit) @1540   12 years stefan fix: print result if no fallback provided
(edit) @1538   12 years stefan fix blas and lapack scripts; add conditional and subst for pkg-config
(edit) @1537   12 years stefan need to quote argument
(edit) @1535   12 years stefan integrate fallback closer into AC_COIN_HAS_MODULE
(edit) @1512   12 years stefan fix to setting PROJECT_LIBS
(edit) @1510   12 years stefan fix for case where COIN_HAS_MODULE_FALLBACK is called without having …
(edit) @1509   12 years stefan add cludge to handle different usual locations for project libraries
(edit) @1507   12 years stefan new macro AC_COIN_HAS_MODULE_FALLBACK to find packages in a …
(edit) @1475   12 years stefan copy over also one change to AC_FINALIZE
(edit) @1474   12 years stefan copy over pkg-config setup macros from BSPsplit branch
(edit) @1473   12 years stefan create split-branch of BuildTools?
(edit) @821   14 years jpfasano Removing nightlyBuild from BuiltTools?,because it is now in the …
(edit) @820   14 years jpfasano modified the way the build directory name is generated. The way it had …
(edit) @819   14 years jpfasano Committing new file. This is playing around with capturing Cbc …
(edit) @818   14 years jpfasano Modified so binaries are in a specific location relative to the ROOT dir.
(edit) @817   14 years jpfasano Added CoinAll? Added a new function to NBsvnCommand to get the revision …
(edit) @816   14 years jpfasano Modified so tar file is only run when building binaries
(edit) @815   14 years kmartin add some comments on how to modify for building binary
(edit) @812   14 years kmartin enhance the binary build
(edit) @798   14 years kmartin start to put in code to generate binaries
(edit) @796   14 years kmartin change shutils to shutil
(edit) @795   14 years kmartin add a install command to the CoinUtils? and OS projects
(edit) @794   14 years stefan check for .OLD dirs in thirdparty dir and remove them
(edit) @793   14 years stefan added check whether 3rdpartydir is a dir
(edit) @791   14 years jpfasano Fixed coding error where name of function had been misspelled causing …
(edit) @790   14 years jpfasano Updated LaGO's configuration
(edit) @789   14 years kmartin add additional test for mingw in if test
(edit) @787   14 years kmartin icorporate a mingw build
(edit) @786   14 years jpfasano Added some more control on when the configurations run
(edit) @785   14 years jpfasano Added the ability in to indicate that a particular …
(edit) @784   14 years jpfasano On some platforms the hidden directory .svn is being returned when …
(edit) @783   14 years jpfasano Moved the deleting of the build directory to be before the svn …
(edit) @780   14 years jpfasano updated to run CoinUtils? unitTest on windows.
(edit) @779   14 years jpfasano Fixed up FlopC++ project configuration
(edit) @778   14 years jpfasano modified checkresult for SMI when directory paths are very long
(edit) @776   14 years jpfasano Modified syntax so python code would run on AIX. Hopefully did not …
(edit) @775   14 years jpfasano Working on making sure vcbuild runs from sln directory
(edit) @774   14 years jpfasano Modified so vcbuild is run from directory containing sln file. Fixed …
(edit) @773   14 years stefan allow removal of old build before new build (i.e., clean config+build) …
(edit) @772   14 years stefan use os.path.join
(edit) @771   14 years stefan run configure only if last configure run was not ok OR svn update …
(edit) @770   14 years stefan create history of commands for a build type and put into email
(edit) @769   14 years stefan make the logfile object a global variable
(edit) @765   14 years jpfasano Added LaGO
(edit) @764   14 years jpfasano started to add config info for LaGO
(edit) @763   14 years jpfasano updated test for Done message
(edit) @762   14 years jpfasano Added checking for *Done*** at end of smiUnitTest
(edit) @761   14 years jpfasano Updated how smi's tests are run on windows.
(edit) @760   14 years jpfasano Added a check to make sure the test directory exists to avoid a crash …
(edit) @759   14 years jpfasano updated to run CppAD's testMore program
(edit) @758   14 years jpfasano Fixed problem with detecting error after installing 3rd party code
(edit) @757   14 years jpfasano Fixed mistake in OS 'make test' success criteria
(edit) @756   14 years jpfasano Fixed mistake in FlopCpp? 'make test' success criteria
(edit) @755   14 years jpfasano Added comments on setting root dir.
(edit) @754   14 years jpfasano updated to run OS\test\unitTestDebug and OS\test\unitTestRelease
(edit) @753   14 years jpfasano Added running of OSTest.exe built with release.
(edit) @752   14 years jpfasano Changed text of log message
(edit) @751   14 years jpfasano Set configuration to run OS test program on windows after building
(edit) @750   14 years jpfasano Added some additional checks that configuration is specified correctly.
(edit) @749   14 years jpfasano Added comments on setting INCLUDE environment variable to build OS.
(edit) @748   14 years jpfasano Added sending an email msg to the person running the script containing …
(edit) @747   14 years jpfasano Fixed logic error on when an 'svn checkout' needs to be done on windows
(edit) @746   14 years jpfasano Added ability to retrieve history of log messages
(edit) @745   14 years jpfasano Removed some undefined parms from project unitTest programs
(edit) @744   14 years jpfasano Changed Src to src to match case of directory name
(edit) @743   14 years jpfasano Now remove : and = from generated file names
(edit) @742   14 years jpfasano modified how build dir name derived
(edit) @741   14 years jpfasano more clean up. email should now include nightlyBuild log messages
(edit) @740   14 years jpfasano Merging code for windows and unix
(edit) @739   14 years jpfasano Initial effort for building on windows with MS solution file.
(edit) @737   14 years stefan always rerun configure
(edit) @734   14 years stefan remove SVNPATH_PREFIX relict
(edit) @731   14 years jpfasano Smi was listed in twice in PROJECTS
(edit) @730   14 years jpfasano Mofified NBcheckResult so that it is a bunch of small functions that …
(edit) @723   14 years jpfasano Updated to-do list
(edit) @722   14 years jpfasano fixed more typos
(edit) @721   14 years jpfasano fixed typo
(edit) @720   14 years jpfasano Commit is to copy file from my window to linux box. Starting to clean …
(edit) @719   14 years jpfasano A few comment changes. Added Smi to list of supported projects
(edit) @718   14 years jpfasano Added comment about licensing
(edit) @717   14 years jpfasano more tweaking of email msg
(edit) @716   14 years jpfasano Add license file
(edit) @715   14 years jpfasano more editing of email msg
(edit) @714   14 years jpfasano Added authors and install file
(edit) @713   14 years jpfasano modified email message a little
(edit) @712   14 years stefan adding Smi; no check for successful make test yet
(edit) @711   14 years stefan add README
(edit) @710   14 years stefan allow to have parameters that are defined only in the default file and …
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