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(edit) @2667   8 years stefan add --disable-pthread-mumps to disable use of pthread
(edit) @2329   10 years andreasw fixed Fortran preprofessor flags for AIX shell
(edit) @2319   10 years stefan no check for coinmetis version number for now
(edit) @2023   10 years stefan restoring BuildTools/ThirdParty/Mumps?/trunk
(edit) @2021   10 years stefan temporarily committing stable candidate
(edit) @1956   10 years andreasw changed license from CPL to EPL (see also …
(edit) @1765   11 years stefan restoring BuildTools/ThirdParty/Mumps?/trunk
(edit) @1761   11 years stefan temporarily committing stable candidate
(edit) @1725   11 years stefan set version number to 'trunk'
(edit) @1710   11 years stefan renaming
(edit) @1684   11 years stefan change from COIN_HAS_MODULE to COIN_HAS_PACKAGE
(edit) @1657   11 years stefan COIN_HAS_MODULE_FALLBACK is now always called by COIN_HAS_MODULE and …
(edit) @1589   11 years stefan give project name to COIN_PROJECTDIR_INIT; rerun autotools
(edit) @1548   11 years stefan copy over pkg-config setup and making thirdparty projects installable …
(edit) @1492   11 years stefan make sure that Blas is not added into Mumps library
(edit) @1411   12 years stefan revert my recent changes related to BSPsplit after copying them into …
(edit) @1391   12 years stefan add pthread to addlibs
(edit) @1388   12 years stefan install libraries and header files
(edit) @1267   12 years andreasw added support for Metis
(edit) @1251   12 years andreasw make sure that preprocessor flags only appear for C compiler (fixed …
(edit) @1232   12 years andreasw make sure that we also check for BLAS in MUMPS configure, so that …
(edit) @1186   13 years andreasw set properties
(edit) @1160   13 years stefan add check for pthread.h
(edit) @1129   13 years stefan put 2008 into copyright info
(edit) @1126   13 years stefan push up version number to 1.1trunk
(edit) @525   14 years andreasw merging changes from Bug Squashing Party Aug 2007 to regular trunk
(edit) @405   14 years andreasw correct version number if
(edit) @312   14 years andreasw updated to new MUMPS version 4.7
(edit) @279   14 years andreasw assume now that MUMPS source code is in ThirdParty/Mumps?/MUMPS, …
(add) @247   14 years andreasw First version of Mumps 3rd Party
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