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(edit) @4178   21 months stefan fixup pc; rerun autotools
(edit) @4171   21 months stefan check for Metis under Fortran
(edit) @4168   21 months stefan remove unnecessary nodist_
(edit) @4166   21 months stefan look for system metis instead of coinmetis - distinguish metis4 and metis5
(edit) @4160   22 months stefan add MUMPS 5.3.1 tarball
(edit) @4159   22 months stefan update to Mumps 5.3.1
(edit) @4158   22 months stefan update to MUMPS 5.3.0 - ref coin-or/Ipopt#310
(edit) @4157   22 months stefan adjust to recent BuildTools? changes and rerun autotools
(edit) @4128   23 months stefan fix suffix
(edit) @4117   2 years stefan merge r4066,r4074,r4075 from trunk; rerun autotools
(edit) @4045   2 years stefan try to download mumps source from github first - may be more reliable …
(edit) @4044   2 years stefan remove autotools-update branch - had been merged into trunk
(edit) @4043   2 years stefan create branch gh-pages with mumps tarballs - to have them available …
(edit) @4021   2 years stefan disable check for OpenMP by default - for Ipopt, on CUTEst, using …
(edit) @4020   2 years stefan merge r4008 and r4011 from mumps5: use win32-dll - define MUMPS_CALL …
(edit) @4019   2 years stefan merge r4006 from branch mumps5: enable pthread check by default
(edit) @4018   2 years stefan update INSTALL instructions - similiar to r4004 in branch mumps5
(edit) @4017   2 years stefan use current mumps url
(edit) @4011   2 years stefan create and install own version of mumps_compat.h - so we can pass on …
(edit) @4010   2 years stefan enable openmp, if available
(edit) @4008   2 years stefan use win32-dll, as we can define MUMPS_CALL to do a proper dllex/import
(edit) @4007   2 years stefan add check for dgemmt in blas/lapack and define gemmt_available if possible
(edit) @4006   2 years stefan enable check for pthread by default
(edit) @4005   2 years stefan update buildsystem to build Mumps 5.2
(edit) @4004   2 years stefan update install instructions
(edit) @4003   2 years stefan update get-script and adapt mpi patch; remove ordering patch
(edit) @4002   2 years stefan create branch mumps5 from branch autotools-update
(edit) @4001   2 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @3990   2 years stefan rerun autotools to get -fpp for ifort
(edit) @3989   2 years stefan update buildsystem to be based on BuildTools?/trunk
(edit) @3988   2 years stefan create autotools-update branch from trunk
(edit) @1899   11 years stefan remove old branch
(edit) @1542   12 years stefan rerun autotools; improve setup of addlibs file
(edit) @1539   12 years stefan rerun autotools; generate addlibs files from .pc files; remove empty …
(edit) @1536   12 years stefan use extended COIN_HAS_MODULE macro
(edit) @1514   12 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1508   12 years stefan use new fallback macros to locate Blas and Metis
(edit) @1491   12 years stefan update version info in .pc file
(edit) @1490   12 years stefan change externals to use split branches; rerun autotools after changing …
(edit) @1488   12 years stefan rename BSPsplit branch to split branch
(edit) @1487   12 years stefan synchronize with trunk by merging chgset 1411:1457 from trunk
(edit) @1469   12 years stefan add prefix coin to .pc files; changed install dir for libs and doc
(edit) @1463   12 years stefan fix Cflags in mumps-uninstalled.pc
(edit) @1460   12 years stefan get FLIBS and put into .pc files
(edit) @1456   12 years stefan some fixes; rerun autotools
(edit) @1453   12 years stefan fix Requires field in .pc files; rerun autotools
(edit) @1449   12 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1446   12 years stefan stop using COIN_HAS_PROJECT; some cleanup; use MODULE_BLAS in Mumps
(edit) @1439   12 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1436   12 years stefan install .pc file
(edit) @1435   12 years stefan use AC_COIN_HAS_MODULE to check for Blas and Metis; setup .pc files
(edit) @1409   12 years stefan create BSPsplit branch from trunk
(edit) @532   14 years andreasw deleting temporary BSP branch
(edit) @518   14 years andreasw allow --enable-doscompile on MinGW/MSys
(edit) @511   14 years andreasw suppress warning messages for AIX compilers
(edit) @503   14 years stefan take out warning flags to avoid problems, since this we couldn't fix …
(edit) @496   14 years andreasw on Darwin, use ftp if wget is not there for download
(edit) @490   14 years andreasw creating branches/BSP/stable/1.0 from stable/1.0 rev 488
(edit) @489   14 years andreasw creating branches/BSP/stable
(edit) @476   14 years andreasw creating branches/BSP/trunk from trunk rev 475
(edit) @475   14 years andreasw creating branches/BSP
(add) @464   14 years andreasw creating Mumps/branches
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