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(edit) @1955   10 years andreasw changed license from CPL to EPL (see also …
(edit) @1907   10 years stefan list .la files in xxx-uninstalled.pc files; rerun autotools
(edit) @1886   10 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1764   11 years stefan restoring BuildTools/ThirdParty/Metis?/trunk
(edit) @1760   11 years stefan temporarily committing stable candidate
(edit) @1746   11 years stefan add dummy test target
(edit) @1737   11 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1724   11 years stefan set version number to 'trunk'
(edit) @1705   11 years tkr Making name changes to comply with recent changes in build tools and …
(edit) @1685   11 years stefan change from COIN_HAS_MODULE to COIN_HAS_PACKAGE
(edit) @1668   11 years stefan add prefix to COIN_PKG_CONFIG_PATH, also if it does not exists at …
(edit) @1653   11 years stefan remove addlibs file in uninstall
(edit) @1645   11 years stefan no need to set PKG_CONFIG_DISABLE_UNINSTALLED, so don't do it
(edit) @1638   11 years stefan create xxx_addlibs.txt after installation by using only .pc files of …
(edit) @1630   11 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1621   11 years stefan use PCADDLIBS instead of ADDLIBS to setup .pc file; rerun autotools
(edit) @1606   11 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1588   11 years stefan give project name to COIN_PROJECTDIR_INIT; rerun autotools
(edit) @1571   11 years stefan allow build against installed dependencies without presence of base …
(edit) @1548   11 years stefan copy over pkg-config setup and making thirdparty projects installable …
(edit) @1546   11 years stefan use wc -l instead of -w to accomodate people which use a spaces in paths
(edit) @1411   12 years stefan revert my recent changes related to BSPsplit after copying them into …
(edit) @1389   12 years stefan add forgotten addlibs and README files
(edit) @1388   12 years stefan install libraries and header files
(edit) @1386   12 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1357   12 years stefan add patch to rename log2 to log2_metis; thanks to Dieter Kraft and …
(edit) @1329   12 years andreasw reran autotools
(edit) @1301   12 years andreasw minor fix in configure
(edit) @1300   12 years stefan check for drand48 in configure and add VC to compiler flags if not …
(edit) @1294   12 years andreasw included reply by George Karypis regarding Metis license in …
(edit) @1270   12 years andreasw create dummy strings.h file if it does not exist on the system, so …
(edit) @1265   12 years andreasw first version of Metis third-party project
(add) @1262   12 years andreasw creating directories for ThirdParty/Metis?
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