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(edit) @1896   10 years stefan remove old branch
(edit) @1542   11 years stefan rerun autotools; improve setup of addlibs file
(edit) @1539   11 years stefan rerun autotools; generate addlibs files from .pc files; remove empty …
(edit) @1490   11 years stefan change externals to use split branches; rerun autotools after changing …
(edit) @1482   11 years stefan rename BSPsplit branch to split branch
(edit) @1481   11 years stefan synchronize with trunk by merging chgset 1450 (add MA77 support)
(edit) @1469   11 years stefan add prefix coin to .pc files; changed install dir for libs and doc
(edit) @1460   11 years stefan get FLIBS and put into .pc files
(edit) @1454   11 years stefan add .pc files for ASL, HSL, and FilterSQP
(edit) @1446   11 years stefan stop using COIN_HAS_PROJECT; some cleanup; use MODULE_BLAS in Mumps
(edit) @1437   11 years stefan rerun autotools
(edit) @1406   12 years stefan create BSPsplit branch from trunk
(edit) @530   14 years andreasw deleting temporary BSP branch
(edit) @516   14 years andreasw allow --enable-doscompile on MinGW/MSys
(edit) @509   14 years andreasw suppress warning messages for AIX compilers
(edit) @501   14 years stefan take out warning flags to avoid problems, since this we couldn't fix …
(edit) @491   14 years andreasw added dummy.c which is always going to be compiled - otherwise some …
(edit) @486   14 years andreasw creating branches/BSP/stable/1.0 from stable/1.0 rev 484
(edit) @485   14 years andreasw creating branches/BSP/stable
(edit) @472   14 years andreasw creating branches/BSP/trunk from trunk rev 471
(edit) @471   14 years andreasw creating branches/BSP
(add) @462   14 years andreasw creating HSL/branches
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