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(edit) @2480   10 years stefan try to workaround issue in recent ASL with unavailability of strtoull …
(edit) @2336   10 years andreasw fixed typo in CFLAGS setup for AIX
(edit) @2156   10 years stefan do not need define
(edit) @2154   10 years stefan check for dynamic library loader
(edit) @2141   10 years stefan build libtool library from static libamplsolver.a|lib
(edit) @2011   11 years stefan restoring BuildTools/ThirdParty?/ASL/trunk
(edit) @2009   11 years stefan temporarily committing stable candidate
(edit) @1951   11 years andreasw changed license from CPL to EPL (see also …
(edit) @1872   11 years stefan do not need ABSPATH_AMPLSOLVER* anymore
(edit) @1871   11 years stefan rename ampl solver library to have standard format, and to be the same …
(edit) @1726   11 years stefan set version number to 'trunk'
(edit) @1718   11 years stefan restoring BuildTools/ThirdParty?/ASL/trunk
(edit) @1716   11 years stefan temporarily committing stable candidate
(edit) @1678   11 years stefan change from COIN_HAS_MODULE to COIN_HAS_PACKAGE
(edit) @1582   11 years stefan give project name to COIN_PROJECTDIR_INIT; rerun autotools
(edit) @1550   11 years stefan put really absolute path also into coinasl.pc
(edit) @1548   11 years stefan copy over pkg-config setup and making thirdparty projects installable …
(edit) @1411   12 years stefan revert my recent changes related to BSPsplit after copying them into …
(edit) @1388   12 years stefan install libraries and header files
(edit) @1183   13 years andreasw set properties
(edit) @1004   13 years lou Fix a problem where compile_*_ASL scripts would not receive executable …
(edit) @900   14 years andreasw allow Intel icl compiler
(edit) @725   14 years lou Changes to build ASL on Solaris / x86. Introduce …
(edit) @588   14 years andreasw included changes proposed by Lou Hafer for ASL configuration and …
(edit) @520   14 years andreasw merging changes from Bug Squashing Party Aug 2007 to regular trunk
(edit) @402   14 years andreasw correct version number if
(edit) @282   14 years andreasw fixing a few things for Cygwin compile with native MS/Intel compilers
(edit) @232   14 years andreasw minor correction in configure file
(edit) @227   14 years andreasw compile third party code only if not otherwise available
(edit) @204   15 years andreasw make check for cl case independent
(edit) @167   15 years andreasw regenerated configure for new trunk coin.m4 (reuse libtool script)
(edit) @158   15 years andreasw suppress compilation warning messages
(edit) @136   15 years ladanyi do not do fpu control in AMPL on linux w/ xlc
(edit) @101   15 years ladanyi On BlueGene? (enable-bg) disable dynamic library loading
(edit) @91   15 years andreasw updated according to changes in BuildTools?
(edit) @76   15 years andreasw several fixes for Cygwin
(edit) @72   15 years andreasw several improvements for MSys
(edit) @63   15 years andreasw corrected last correcion
(edit) @62   15 years andreasw filter out -pedantic-errors flag
(edit) @49   15 years andreasw added Blas and Lapack ThirdParty? configuration and makefiles
(add) @45   15 years andreasw First version of ASL ThirtParty? directory
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