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    r4024 r4048  
    32473247  # If enable-msvc, then test for Intel (on Windows) and MS C compiler
    3248   # explicitly and add compile-wrapper before AC_PROG_CC, because
    3249   # the compile-wrapper work around issues when having the wrong link.exe
    3250   # in the PATH first, which would upset tests in AC_PROG_CC.
    3251   # Further, if CC unset and not set by user, then stop with error.
     3248  # explicitly and add the compile wrapper before AC_PROG_CC. The compile
     3249  # wrapper works around issues related to finding MS link.exe. (Unix link.exe
     3250  # occurs first in PATH, which causes compile and link checks to fail.) For
     3251  # the same reason, set LD to use the compile wrapper. If CC remains unset
     3252  # (neither icl or cl was found, and CC was not set by the user), stop with
     3253  # an error.
    32523255  if test $enable_msvc = yes ; then
    32533256    for ac_prog in icl cl
    32953298    if test -n "$CC" ; then
    32963299      CC="$am_aux_dir/compile $CC"
     3300      ac_cv_prog_CC="$CC"
     3301      LD="$CC"
    32973302    else
    32983303      as_fn_error $? "Neither MS nor Intel C compiler found in PATH and CC is unset." "$LINENO" 5
    33003305  fi
    3302   # look for some C compiler and check whether it works
    3303   # if user has set CC or we found icl/cl above, this shouldn't overwrite CC
    3304   # other than CXX of F77, this macro also takes care of adding the compile-wrapper
     3307  # Look for some C compiler and check that it works. If the user has set CC
     3308  # or we found icl/cl above, this shouldn't overwrite CC. Unlike the macros
     3309  # that establish C++ or Fortran compilers, PROG_CC also takes care of adding
     3310  # the compile wrapper if needed.
    33053312  ac_ext=c
    33063313ac_cpp='$CPP $CPPFLAGS'
    1210812115#    regarding those that are properly marked for dll-export in the source.
    12110 # Patch libtool also to circumbent some issues when using MinGW (Msys+GCC).
     12117# Patch libtool also to circumvent some issues when using MinGW (Msys+GCC).
    1211112118# 1. Relax check which libraries can be used when linking a DLL.
    1211212119#    libtool's func_mode_link() would reject linking MinGW system libraries,
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