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added compile_f2c tool to compiler Fortran source with f2c and MSVC compiler; a few fixes to Cygwin

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[325]1The files in this directory are intended to allow the compilation of
2Fortran 77 source files by combining the Fortran to C translator f2c
3(from netlib) and the Microsoft 'cl' C compiler under Cygwin and MSys.
5Please read the INSTALL file for instructions how to use this tool.
7After you installed this tool, you can use the script "compile_f2c" to
8compile Fortran 77 code.  If you specify the flag
9"--enable-doscompile=msvc" for the configure script in COIN projects,
10it will automatically be used (unless a native Fortran compiler is
14The files in this directory are part of the BuildTools project of COIN-OR,
17The files are made available under the Common Public License.
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