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1INSTALL for NightlyBuild
3To adapt NightlyBuild for your system, it is proposed to follow the following steps:
4Copy the file to the file NBuserParameters.ny and adapt it to your preferences.
5The NightlyBuild system executes first to get default values for all parameters.
6Afterwards NBuserParameters.ny is executed to overwrite parameter values with user-specific ones.
7In NBuserParameters.ny you can specify:
8- the directory where the projects will be downloaded and built
9- the list of projects to built
10- the build types to built
11- additional flags for the configure call that might be specific to your system (compiler setting,...)
12- the name of a file where logging messages should go to
13- information about the sending of email, e.g., should emails be send, your mail address, SMTP server, ...
15Please read the comments in NBuserParametersDefault.ny about detailed information which settings can be made and how they are specified.
16To get things running properly, you will need to specify at least information about the sending of emails.
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