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[247]1Installation of the Mumps linear solver within COIN.
3Mumps is a MUltifrontal Massively Parallel sparse direct Solver.
5Please visit the home page:
7Home page:
[323]9and make sure you read the usage conditions at
14Note: It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that you are entitled to
15      download and use this third party package.
18If you are working under Unix/Linux-like system and you have `wget'
19installed, you can downloaded the required source code for MUMPS
20by executing the included script `get.Mumps' in this directory.
[323]22Note, however, that the script might not be looking for the most recent
23version of Mumps, and it might fail if it tries to download an outdated
24one.  In that case, please check the Mumps home page for the most recent
25version number and change the definition of the mumps_ver variable at the
26beginning of the get.Mumps script.
[323]28If you don't have wget available, follow those instructions:
[1412]30Check the Mumps home page for the most recent version number (say, 4.9).
[323]31You may then download
[1412]33 (or try
34 if first URL doesn't work)
[323]36and unpack it in this directory:
[1412]38gunzip MUMPS_4.9.tar.gz
39tar xf MUMPS_4.9.tar
[1412]41Then, rename the MUMPS_4.9 directory just to be MUMPS:
[1412]43mv MUMPS_4.9 MUMPS
[1500]45Further, you may apply a patch that fixes problems with matrices of size 1:
47patch -p0 < mumps.patch
50Additional instructions for building with Msys and MinGW
53If you are trying to build Mumps in Microsoft Windows using the MSys shell
[1159]54environment and gnu fortran compilers, you will first need to install the
55MinGW gcc 4.2 technology preview in order obtain a Fortran 95 compliant
56Fortran compiler. GCC 4.2 is available here:
[1193]60You need to install the gcc-core, gcc-g++, and gcc-gfortran packages.
[825]61Note the executable names in the gcc packages have the suffix "sjlj" and will
62not be found by the configuration script of whatever project you are trying to
63build, so you must either (1) change their names by deleting the suffix
64(beware that if you do this, you may create a conflict with other version of
65gcc already installed) or (2) configure with
67./configure CC=gcc-sjlj CXX=g++-sjlj F77=gfortran-sjlj
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