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[49]1Installation of LAPACK subroutines within IPOPT.
4Note: It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that you are entitled to
5      download and use this third party package.
8If you are working under Unix/Linux-like system and you have `wget'
9installed, you can downloaded the required source code for LAPACK
[70]10by executing the included script `get.Lapack' in this directory.
12Otherwise, follow those instructions:
14LAPACK is available at
18There you can find precompiled libraries for some operating systems, or
19obtain the source code (with instructions on how to build it).  If you decide
20to build the LAPACK library according to those instructions, make sure that
21you tell the configure script where it is (using
[1521]22--with-lapack="-LPATH/TO/LAPACKLIBDIR -llapack" )
24Alternatively, if you want to have the necessary LAPACK routines compiled
[1521]25within this distribution, please download the 'lapack-3.2.1.tgz' tarball
26from and unpack it in this directory:
[1521]28gunzip lapack-3.2.1.tgz
29tar xf lapack-3.2.1.tar
30mv lapack-3.2.1 LAPACK
[141]32The last step is necessary since the projects expect the source code to
33be in that directory.
[49]35If you then run the configure script again, it would automatically detect the
36sources and prepare the Makefiles so that they will be automaticall compiled.
38NOTE: The LAPACK source files are expected to be in the subdirectory
[141]39      LAPACK/SRC and LAPACK/INSTALL of this directory.
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