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Welcome to CoinHelp

CoinHelp tries to help users and project managers to find information about COIN-OR.

Information For Users

The COIN-OR projects that these pages currently apply to are (among others):

  • Bonmin, Cbc, Cgl, CHiPPS (Alps, BiCePS, Blis), Clp, CoinMP, Couenne, CoinUtils, Dip, Dylp, FlopC++, GAMSlinks, Ipopt, OS, Osi, Smi, SYMPHONY, Vol

For other projects, please go to the project page available from the COIN-OR projects page for more information.

Precompiled Libraries and Executables

  • Linux: By now, many of the COIN-OR projects have been packaged and are available on Linux distributions for installation with a package manager. On Debian, COIN-OR projects are generally named coinor-xyz and can be installed with apt. On Fedora, the naming convention is coin-or-Xyz. Pre-compiled binaries are also available for many projects on BinTray and as part of the COIN-OR Optimization Suite.
  • Windows: The easiest way to get COIN-OR projects for Windows is to download binaries from BinTray or just use the Windows installer for the COIN Optimization Suite, which provides Visual Studio compatible libraries and binaries (these are slightly out of date, however).
  • OS X: Many projects can be installed on OSX through Homebrew, e.g., brew install xyz. For other projects, pre-compiled binaries are available from BinTray

Quick Source Download, Build, and Installation Guide

For Unix-like systems (Unix, Linux, MacOS X, Cygwin, MSys), the quick download and installation guide works in most cases if you don't have particular requirements.

For the the options for building under Windows, see this page first. There is also a Wiki dedicated just to the options for building with the Microsfoft Visual Studio compilers.

Detailed Information For Users

Build and Compilation Problems

Please look at the Troubleshooting page for help on how to diagnose a problem.

Further, the current issues page may already provide a fix for your problem. Similar, if you found a fix for a new problem, you are encouraged to share it there.

Additional Help

Information for Project Managers

Information for project managers can be found on this page.

Note that these project webpages are based on Wiki, which allows webusers to modify the content to correct typos, add information, or share their experience and tips with other users. You are welcome to contribute to these project webpages. To edit these pages or submit a ticket you must first register and login. (Your browser must be configured to accept cookies.)

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