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Detailed instructions for obtaining third party required code

To obtain ASL, blas and lapack, from the Bonmin distribution main directory:

  1. cd ThirdParty/ASL
  2. ./get.ASL
  3. cd ../Blas
  4. ./get.Blas
  5. cd ../Lapack
  6. ./get.Lapack

HSL subroutines are available freely for non-commercial academic use. It is your responsibility to investigate the licensing. If you have the right to use the non-commercial academic version of HSL, here is how to proceed with the installation:

  1. cd ../HSL
  2. Connect to the website:
  3. Subscribe for free to get an account and download the files MA27 and MC19 (only them, no additional material). if the "save as" botton does not work, simply cut and paste each file. these files must be saved in the current directory (HSL) with names "ma27ad.f" and "mc19ad.f".