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    1414== Download ==
    15 First you need to know which branch of Bonmin you want to download. In particular you need to know if you want to download the latest version from:
    16  * the Stable branch, or from
    17  * the Released branch.
     15First you need to know which version of the code you would like to obtain.
     16   * '''If you don't know how to use subversion''' (and don't want to learn it) '''or if you want to have a version of the code which will remain identical over time''', we recommend that you get '''the latest release''' which is [ Bonmin-0.1.0].
     17   * '''If you want to stay up to date with bug-fixes and improvements''', we recommand that you use [wiki:user-download#ObtainingtheCodeUsingSubversion subversion] to get '''the version 0.1 of the stable branch'''. As bug are found and fixed, the stable branch will be updated by us and by using subversion you can easily obtain the latest bugfixes.
    19 These different version are made according to the [ guidelines of COIN-OR]. The interpretation of these guidelines for the Bonmin project is explained in BonminBranches.
     19BonminBranches gives more details on the properties of these different branches (which are interpreted from the [ guidelines of COIN-OR]).
    21 The main distinction between the Stable and Release branch is that a stable version that we propose to download can evolve over time to include bug fixes while a released version will never change. The released versions present an advantage in particular if you want to make experiments which you want to be able to reproduce the stable version presents the advantage that it is less work for you to update in the event where we fix a bug.
    23 The easiest way to obtain the released version is by downloading a compressed archive. The latest release is [ Bonmin-0.1.0].
    25 The only way to obain one of the stable versions is through [ subversion].
     21To obtain the latest release just download [ Bonmin-0.1.0].
    2723In Un*x environments, to download the latest stable version of Bonmin ('''0.1'''). Issue the following subversion command