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09/04/2007, Pierre: I have added two new methods for doing some diving strategies with Cbc. As a consequence I renamed a few options. bonmin.nodeselect_stra is renamed to bonmin.node_comparison and there is a new option bonmin.tree_search_strategy:

  • bonmin.node_comparison behave the same way has before.
  • bonmin.tree_search_strategy can take three values:
    • top-node will behave same way has before (all nodes are put onto a heap and at each iteration of bab the top node is selected).
    • dive will do some dives into the tree from the best node on the heap until it hits a leaf.
    • bonmin.dfs-dive will do the same but with a few more backtracking before abandoning the current sub-tree. It can also start backtracking earlier if the current estimate is worst than the cutoff or if getting too deep in the tree.

09/15/2007, Pierre: To make use of estimates (best-guess) node comparison strategy, Cbc has to be configure with --enable-cbc-parallel

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