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There are currently three branches in Bonmin:

  • The Stable branch,
  • The Released branch,
  • The Development version.

  • In the Stable branch, are version of the code which are distiguished by two digits release numbers. They are stable in the sense that:
    • They have been tested on a relatively large test set of problem.
    • They may evolve in time as bug are found and corrected.
    • The usage and API do not change. Although bug fixes are applied, for a given stable version number (say 0.1), updates should not change the usage and the API.modified.
    • If change are made to the code which change its usage or the API, a stable with a new version number is created.
    • They rely on stable external COIN-OR projects (which should obey the same rules).

A Stable version of Bonmin can only be obtained using subversion (and can be easily updated to included the latest bug-fixes by using the command svn update.

  • In the released branch, versions of the codes are distinguished by three digits release numbers. The released version have the following properties.
    • They have been tested on a relatively large test set of problem.
    • They never change. If a bug fix is applied a new release with a different version number may be created but in no case release 0.1.1 will change).
    • They rely on released external COIN-OR projects (which should obey the same rules).

Released version are for example advisable to use if you want to make experimental tests which you want to be reproducible over time, Released versions can be downloaded either with subversion or as a tarball.

  • In the developement branch, there is no versionning number. The code in the development branch should be considered:
    • unstable
    • Usage and API and can change from one day to another.
    • The code rely on unstable external COIN-OR projects. Although we usually try to resolve it when it happens, it may be that the code in the development branch is incompatible with the latest development in other projects.
    • The development branch is the source for the forthcoming stable and releases. The development branch is downloaded by svn it can be found in branches/devel in the svn tree.