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(edit) @496   13 years pbonami A few fixes in initialization for specific applications
(edit) @495   13 years pbelotti NULL not defined, added #include <stdlib.h>
(edit) @494   13 years pbelotti remove pointer nlp_and_solver, was giving error
(edit) @493   13 years pbonami De-activate reduce and split by default since makes some relaxations …
(edit) @491   13 years pbonami Get information on infeasible node. Set strategy in case of failed nlp …
(edit) @489   13 years pbonami Fixed two potential leaks
(edit) @488   13 years pbonami Fix uninitialized handler
(edit) @487   13 years pbonami Missing new line in CouenneSetup?
(edit) @486   13 years pbonami A few more errors. Builds on linux.
(edit) @485   13 years pbonami Missing new line, a few errors in FilterSolver?
(edit) @484   13 years pbonami Missing new line at end of file
(edit) @483   13 years pbonami Missing new lines at end of files
(edit) @481   13 years pbonami Change setup of Bonmin. New classes BabSetupBase?, BonminSetup?, CouenneSetup?
(edit) @479   13 years andreasw make sure algorithm continues after cut strengthening NLP fails
(edit) @478   13 years pbonami Fixes bonmin.opt
(edit) @475   13 years pbonami Fix a nsaty bug
(edit) @474   13 years andreasw several fixes for ECP cuts; correction in discjunction code
(edit) @473   13 years andreasw included disjunctive cuts in CutStrengthener?; cleanup some other …
(edit) @471   13 years pbonami Valgrind fix + compilation error.
(edit) @469   13 years pbonami Change option name
(edit) @466   13 years pbonami Update configure
(edit) @465   13 years pbonami More related to previous commit
(edit) @464   13 years pbonami Various update (a lot) to allow users to register their own option in …
(edit) @463   13 years pbonami Updates to documentation
(edit) @457   13 years pbonami Updates in NLP as heuristic
(edit) @456   13 years andreasw added curvature branching for SOS constraints
(edit) @455   13 years pbonami Fix CppExample? makefile
(edit) @454   13 years pbonami Add code for solving NLP's as an heuristic in spatial branch-and-bound
(edit) @453   13 years ladanyi Added code so that curvature branching falls back to QP branching in …
(edit) @444   13 years andreasw fixed memory leak; print out information about cut strengthening based …
(edit) @443   13 years andreasw minor corrections to most recent commit
(edit) @442   13 years andreasw added cut strengthener based on NLP solves; reran autotools
(edit) @438   13 years andreasw added default implementation for new perturbInfo method in TMINLP
(edit) @434   13 years andreasw corrected location after last night change
(edit) @433   13 years andreasw fixing a few things for Cygwin compile with native MS/Intel compilers
(edit) @431   13 years pbonami Fix issue with random starting point when encountering infeasible mip
(edit) @430   13 years pbonami oops in svn:externals
(edit) @429   13 years pbonami Switch externals from Ipopt/branches/devel to Ipopt/trunk in trunk.
(edit) @428   13 years pbelotti cleaning LaTeX output
(edit) @426   13 years ladanyi fix compilation problem
(edit) @425   13 years pbelotti fixed compilation error with BonCouenneCbc?
(edit) @424   13 years andreasw added suffix and option for new random perturbation technique; removed …
(edit) @423   13 years pbelotti generate OsiObjects? for linear expressions as well
(edit) @421   13 years ladanyi catch exceptions from ipopt
(edit) @420   13 years pbonami Fix bug in objective value comparison
(edit) @419   13 years pbonami Fix bug with constraint violation computation, set globallyValid as an …
(edit) @418   13 years pbonami Check constraint violation at end of optimization
(edit) @415   13 years pbelotti printing number of auxiliaries
(edit) @413   13 years pbelotti more output information
(edit) @410   13 years pbelotti collect statistics
(edit) @407   13 years pbelotti eliminate BonCouenneConvexCuts?
(edit) @404   13 years andreasw Include MUMPS ThirdParty directory
(edit) @398   13 years ladanyi added prefix option to writeDiffFiles
(edit) @396   13 years pbonami Put continuous solution
(edit) @394   13 years andreasw changed finalize_solution arguments according to todays changes in …
(edit) @390   13 years pbelotti added pointer to ASL_fg within BonCouenneInterface?
(edit) @386   13 years andreasw some more changes to make it compile without ASL
(edit) @384   13 years pbelotti added Couenne/src/include/operators to include list
(edit) @383   13 years andreasw allow compilation without ASL also in trunk; reran autotools in trunk
(edit) @381   13 years pbelotti added extraCharacteristic to get parent node's bounds
(edit) @378   13 years pbelotti eliminated BonCouenneConvCuts?, added parameter for Couenne cuts, …
(edit) @374   13 years pbelotti avoid branching when low infeasibility; cleared communication with Bonmin
(edit) @372   13 years ladanyi fixed missing return value... d'oh\!
(edit) @367   13 years pbonami readOptionFile public again
(edit) @366   13 years pbonami Update configure
(edit) @361   13 years ladanyi changes corresponding to changesset 715 in CoinUtils? (better error …
(edit) @355   13 years ladanyi reuse cg setup from cbcbonmin
(edit) @354   13 years ladanyi reuse cg setup from cbcbonmin
(edit) @353   13 years pbelotti update LP relaxation after applying convexification cuts
(edit) @350   13 years andreasw changed bonminbcp best first search to look at depths
(edit) @349   13 years andreasw delete solvers directory when no longer needed
(edit) @347   13 years andreasw change default for random_point_perturbation_interval to reasonable …
(edit) @346   13 years andreasw use reference instead of pointer for exception that is caught
(edit) @345   13 years andreasw use $(MAKE) instead of make in
(edit) @338   13 years andreasw make BCP aware of option FullStrongBranch?
(edit) @337   13 years andreasw write AMPL sol file in any case when bonminbcp finishes
(edit) @336   13 years andreasw do not throw exception when no Ipopt statistics are available in …
(edit) @334   13 years pbonami Add parameter for number of ecp rounds
(edit) @333   13 years pbonami Addition for compatibility with Couenne Interface
(edit) @332   13 years pbonami Changes to make couenne interface work
(edit) @329   13 years andreasw a few minor improvements in Filter interface; use $(MAKE) instead of make
(edit) @328   13 years pbonami Fix a nasty error
(edit) @327   13 years pbonami Revert to r325
(edit) @326   13 years pbonami Point to trunk in externals
(edit) @325   13 years pbonami Add CouenneObject?'s to model
(edit) @324   13 years pbonami Fixes to new Couenne-Bonmin main
(edit) @322   13 years pbonami Fix random point at infeasible option
(edit) @320   13 years pbonami Add a few options for Andreas
(edit) @319   13 years andreasw catch exceptions in BCP main
(edit) @317   13 years pbonami Fix error message for unbounded problems
(edit) @316   13 years pbonami Add a specific bab algorithm for couenne
(edit) @314   13 years pbonami Still does not work but it should be better (in CouenneInterface?).
(edit) @313   13 years pbonami Stopping criterion in Couenne
(edit) @305   13 years pbonami Expose variable selection strategy in ampl.
(edit) @299   13 years pbonami Fix some mistakes in Couenne interfacing
(edit) @295   13 years pbonami Fix make cean problem
(edit) @286   13 years pbonami Another fix for Couenne. Now mytoy is solved
(edit) @281   13 years pbonami Fix bug ticket #5 and problem with test compilation
(edit) @279   13 years pbonami A fix in Couenne interface
(edit) @274   13 years pbonami Updated CouenneInterface? to be compatible with changes in Bonmin code
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