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(edit) @1422   11 years pbonami Remove debug output
(edit) @1421   11 years pbonami Messages for Debug
(edit) @1420   11 years pbonami For FP
(edit) @1416   11 years pbonami Same as previous
(edit) @1415   11 years pbonami For Gus:wq
(edit) @1414   11 years pbonami More fixes for unconstrained problems with windows
(edit) @1413   11 years pbonami Fix for B-BB when problem is continuous
(edit) @1412   11 years pbonami Fix problem signaled by Kipp Martin try to make finalize_solution …
(edit) @1410   11 years pbonami Add MSVisualStudio dir
(edit) @1408   11 years pbonami Fix bonmin.opt
(edit) @1407   11 years pbonami Change cutoff for iFP
(edit) @1405   11 years pbonami For unconstrained problems
(edit) @1404   11 years pbonami Fix big leak
(edit) @1403   11 years pbonami Make too small tolerance big enough
(edit) @1402   11 years pbonami Remove throw
(edit) @1401   11 years pbonami Fix a nasty bug introduced yesterday
(edit) @1399   11 years stefan fix renamed variables
(edit) @1398   11 years pbonami Forgotten pump file
(edit) @1397   11 years pbonami Put back the pump for minlp (never too late)
(edit) @1396   11 years pbonami Forgotten file
(edit) @1395   11 years pbonami Prepare for inclusion of FP for MINLP
(edit) @1378   12 years pbonami Make variable_selection in local solver most fractional
(edit) @1377   12 years pbonami When failure occur solve with alternate solver rather than going into …
(edit) @1376   12 years pbonami Few fixes. Sometimes linearized problem is not solved by Filter
(edit) @1372   12 years pbonami Few fixes for intel compilers and make test
(edit) @1371   12 years pbonami Make it work when objective is nonlinear
(edit) @1370   12 years pbonami Make the whole thing work
(edit) @1368   12 years pbonami Add cut code
(edit) @1367   12 years pbonami Few fixes in trunk
(edit) @1366   12 years pbonami Change to default best-bound
(edit) @1365   12 years pbonami Varisous small updates
(edit) @1362   12 years pbonami Setup option for RINS
(edit) @1360   12 years pbonami Make "bonmin." prefix a variable
(edit) @1358   12 years jpgoncal Added copy constructor to be used by local search heuristics.
(edit) @1357   12 years jpgoncal Changed BabSetupBase? to BonminSetup? and other small changes.
(edit) @1351   12 years pbonami Changes to CPLEX interface for OA
(edit) @1349   12 years jpgoncal Added setup of heuristics for B-Hyb.
(edit) @1348   12 years jpgoncal Heuristics can now be called from B-Hyb and B-QG.
(edit) @1347   12 years jpgoncal small improvements.
(edit) @1344   12 years pbonami Remove un-necessary resolve
(edit) @1343   12 years pbonami Fix option
(edit) @1326   12 years pbonami change min to std::min and max to std::max
(edit) @1318   12 years pbonami do that OA obey solution_limit
(edit) @1317   12 years pbonami Remove resolve
(edit) @1315   12 years pbonami Put nlp-strong-branching by default in B-BB
(edit) @1314   12 years pbonami Merged in changes from …
(edit) @1308   12 years pbonami Catch Unsolved error and call finalize_solution so that ampl will …
(edit) @1300   12 years stefan do not try to fake the message handler, it does not need to work
(edit) @1292   12 years jpgoncal Fixed bug.
(edit) @1286   12 years jpgoncal Fixed assert.
(edit) @1285   12 years jpgoncal Added SOS rounding to feasibility pump.
(edit) @1284   12 years pbelotti should solve NULL solverCharacteristics_ bug
(edit) @1279   12 years pbelotti fix compilation problems, 2
(edit) @1278   12 years pbelotti fix compilation problems
(edit) @1277   12 years jpgoncal Added heuristi DiveMIP.
(edit) @1276   12 years jpgoncal Added heuristic DiveMIP.
(edit) @1270   12 years pbonami Comment code to expose a bug
(edit) @1264   12 years stefan hide changes to parameter values from user, so they do not show up in …
(edit) @1261   12 years jpgoncal Added diving heuristics.
(edit) @1260   12 years jpgoncal Added diving heuristics
(edit) @1254   12 years pbonami Add function to automagicaly register options into ampl\n minor …
(edit) @1251   12 years stefan register option to get things working again
(edit) @1250   12 years jpgoncal Added test to check if all integer variables are binary.
(edit) @1249   12 years jpgoncal Added setup of feasibility pump.
(edit) @1248   12 years jpgoncal Added feasibility pump.
(edit) @1246   12 years stefan fix ambiguous call of floor function
(edit) @1245   12 years jpgoncal Added calls to heuristics HeuristicRINS and HeuristicLocalBranching?.
(edit) @1244   12 years jpgoncal Fixed problem with switchToFeasibilityProblem.
(edit) @1243   12 years jpgoncal Added HeuristicRINS and HeuristicLocalBranching?.
(edit) @1242   12 years pbonami define testOthers_ in default constructor
(edit) @1240   12 years stefan set type of UPDATE_UB message to get it compiling with latest gcc 4.4.0
(edit) @1238   12 years pbonami Fix undefined value
(edit) @1237   12 years jpgoncal Modified TNLP2FPNLP in order to be able to add constraints to NLP problem.
(edit) @1236   12 years pbonami 2nd try
(edit) @1235   12 years pbonami Try to please Cbc
(edit) @1233   12 years pbonami Fix some mistake withdouble solver setup. Change filter default tolerance
(edit) @1232   12 years pbonami Fix BonAmplInterface?
(edit) @1231   12 years pbonami Put back if 0
(edit) @1230   12 years pbonami Revive node solver
(edit) @1229   12 years pbonami Add forgotten files
(edit) @1228   12 years pbonami Add code to do local searches based on feasibility problem
(edit) @1226   12 years pbonami Put back global cuts
(edit) @1225   12 years stefan make categoriesInfo() public
(edit) @1223   12 years pbonami Add a way to solve each node with two solvers
(edit) @1216   12 years stefan correct typo in registering category
(edit) @1212   12 years pbelotti check max CPU time in inner (BT and convexification) loops. Skip gaps …
(edit) @1211   12 years pbonami Fix heuristic
(edit) @1210   12 years pbonami Re-enable SOS in hybrid and try to get good setup for B-BB
(edit) @1209   12 years pbelotti restored nonconvex objects for purely NLP problems
(edit) @1207   12 years pbonami Add local search heuristic
(edit) @1204   12 years pbonami Forgotten header file
(edit) @1202   12 years pbonami Commit latest changes from stable
(edit) @1195   12 years pbonami Fix bug with SOS constraints
(edit) @1165   12 years pbonami Put in trunk changes from revision 1158 of branches/0.9
(edit) @1164   12 years andreasw implemented look-ahead limit during strong branching
(edit) @1151   12 years andreasw added code that prints out cut generator statistics after the run. …
(edit) @1150   12 years andreasw typo
(edit) @1149   12 years andreasw disabled solves_per_depth by default
(edit) @1147   12 years andreasw added option to solver on average given number of NLPs per level for hybrid
(edit) @1144   12 years pbonami Enable bb log in OA
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