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(edit) @1410   11 years pbonami Add MSVisualStudio dir
(edit) @1371   12 years pbonami Make it work when objective is nonlinear
(edit) @1314   12 years pbonami Merged in changes from …
(edit) @1230   12 years pbonami Revive node solver
(edit) @1104   12 years pbonami Finish changes for warmstart
(edit) @1099   12 years andreasw make sure we give finite bounds to BQPD, catch exceptions in BonMin?
(edit) @1054   12 years stefan rerun autotools to get support for intel compilers on windows; get …
(edit) @1051   12 years pbonami Remove nodeSolver from compilation
(edit) @916   13 years pbonami Astyled added probed diving fixes and cleaning of BonChooseVariable?
(edit) @909   13 years pbonami Removed all warning messages
(edit) @781   13 years pbonami Fix a few bugs in Ecp cut generation's add a new algorithmuc option B-Ecp
(edit) @768   13 years pbonami Small error in last commit
(edit) @767   13 years pbonami Commit the (non-working) code for outputing tables of options
(edit) @720   13 years pbonami Updates Makefiles
(edit) @693   13 years andreasw renamed Bab2 to Bab
(edit) @691   13 years andreasw renamed BonCbc2.?pp bo BonCbc?.?pp
(edit) @620   13 years pbonami A few changes to the functions for reading variables to make it more …
(edit) @605   13 years pbonami Fix makefiles
(edit) @563   13 years pbonami Modify makefiles to include new Ipopt directory
(edit) @481   13 years pbonami Change setup of Bonmin. New classes BabSetupBase?, BonminSetup?, CouenneSetup?
(edit) @473   13 years andreasw included disjunctive cuts in CutStrengthener?; cleanup some other …
(edit) @464   13 years pbonami Various update (a lot) to allow users to register their own option in …
(edit) @433   13 years andreasw fixing a few things for Cygwin compile with native MS/Intel compilers
(edit) @424   13 years andreasw added suffix and option for new random perturbation technique; removed …
(edit) @383   13 years andreasw allow compilation without ASL also in trunk; reran autotools in trunk
(edit) @378   13 years pbelotti eliminated BonCouenneConvCuts?, added parameter for Couenne cuts, …
(edit) @264   14 years pbonami Hack for Couenne's local cuts
(edit) @262   14 years pbonami Bug in OA should be fixed.
(edit) @248   14 years andreasw added support for FilterSQP and different branching rules to Bcp
(edit) @208   14 years andreasw a number of changes for the QP-based strong brancing
(edit) @172   14 years andreasw corrected order of libraries for ASL
(edit) @170   14 years andreasw - Added ThirdParty/FilterSQP support - using new coin.m4 facility that …
(edit) @169   14 years pbonami Change Feline to Couenne
(edit) @166   14 years pbonami Update some changes to Add code to test couenne. Remove …
(copy) @145   14 years pbonami Copy revision 142 of branches devel into trunk
copied from branches/devel/Bonmin/src/Apps:
(edit) @124   14 years pbonami Fix some strange compilation problems
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