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(edit) @531   13 years pbelotti added reduced cost fixing. Separated bound tightening from …
(edit) @530   13 years ladanyi prepare Bcp for changing some LPs into TM storage places. Serial …
(edit) @529   13 years ladanyi return false by default in eval_upper_bound_f so that the compiler …
(edit) @528   13 years pbonami Test a 0.2a branch
(edit) @527   13 years pbonami Better exit if initial relaxation can not be solved due to time
(edit) @526   13 years pbonami Transmit time limit to Ipopt
(edit) @525   13 years pbelotti implied bounds: fix some of the infinity handling
(edit) @524   13 years pbelotti rethought the meaning of infinity in implied bounds. Include …
(edit) @523   13 years pbelotti keep coefficients low in powers with big coefficients
(edit) @522   13 years pbelotti improved LaTeX stats output
(edit) @521   13 years pbelotti introducing better bounds for sin/cos. Tool for drawing cuts
(edit) @520   13 years pbelotti limit power upper/lower bounds to get reasonable coefficients
(edit) @519   13 years pbonami Make code for handling different objective functions for lower and …
(edit) @518   13 years pbelotti diverting optimization sense as per the .nl file
(edit) @517   13 years pbelotti cut space giving compilation error
(edit) @516   13 years pbelotti clean list in BonBonminSetup?.hpp
(edit) @515   13 years pbelotti restored infeasible cut to fathom after generateCuts(), this time also …
(edit) @514   13 years pbonami Put back forgotten heuristic in BonminSetup?
(edit) @513   13 years pbonami Try to free ASL object cleanly
(edit) @512   13 years pbonami Fix Mismatched free() / delete / delete []
(edit) @511   13 years pbonami Fix unregistered options in Couenne
(edit) @510   13 years pbonami Make Smart pointer for storing asl*
(edit) @509   13 years pbonami Free ASL object
(edit) @508   13 years pbonami Make bcp-bonmin work with new setup
(edit) @507   13 years pbelotti cut debug printf
(edit) @506   13 years pbelotti avoid cuts with huge coefficients. Added powNewton to compute deepest …
(edit) @505   13 years pbelotti allow to print LaTeX output at the end of B&B
(edit) @504   13 years pbelotti add tolerance to cutoff to prevent infeasible convexifications
(edit) @503   13 years pbonami Fix few problem in fun
(edit) @502   13 years pbonami Store CouenneCutGenerator? outside of CouenneInterface?. CouenneCbc? does …
(edit) @501   13 years pbonami make an -> a .
(edit) @500   13 years pbonami Make CbcModel? model's a member of Bab2
(edit) @499   13 years pbelotti update arrays before calling getFixVar
(edit) @498   13 years pbelotti fixed serious bug with x(2k+1)
(edit) @497   13 years pbelotti testing new conv-expr{Sin,Cos}. Added tool for deepest cut in exprPow
(edit) @496   13 years pbonami A few fixes in initialization for specific applications
(edit) @495   13 years pbelotti NULL not defined, added #include <stdlib.h>
(edit) @494   13 years pbelotti remove pointer nlp_and_solver, was giving error
(edit) @493   13 years pbonami De-activate reduce and split by default since makes some relaxations …
(edit) @492   13 years pbonami Fix bug when BabInfo? is empty
(edit) @491   13 years pbonami Get information on infeasible node. Set strategy in case of failed nlp …
(edit) @490   13 years pbonami Transmit information about infeasible node to Bonmin
(edit) @489   13 years pbonami Fixed two potential leaks
(edit) @488   13 years pbonami Fix uninitialized handler
(edit) @487   13 years pbonami Missing new line in CouenneSetup?
(edit) @486   13 years pbonami A few more errors. Builds on linux.
(edit) @485   13 years pbonami Missing new line, a few errors in FilterSolver?
(edit) @484   13 years pbonami Missing new line at end of file
(edit) @483   13 years pbonami Missing new lines at end of files
(edit) @482   13 years pbonami Use OsiAuxInfos? to transmit bounds
(edit) @481   13 years pbonami Change setup of Bonmin. New classes BabSetupBase?, BonminSetup?, CouenneSetup?
(edit) @480   13 years pbelotti fixed exprPow::standardize. Introduced better convexification for …
(edit) @479   13 years andreasw make sure algorithm continues after cut strengthening NLP fails
(edit) @478   13 years pbonami Fixes bonmin.opt
(edit) @477   13 years pbelotti started updating exprSin/Cos convexifier. Eliminated infeasible …
(edit) @476   13 years pbelotti changed call to createCut(), add trivial cuts w >= k as OsiColCuts?
(edit) @475   13 years pbonami Fix a nsaty bug
(edit) @474   13 years andreasw several fixes for ECP cuts; correction in discjunction code
(edit) @473   13 years andreasw included disjunctive cuts in CutStrengthener?; cleanup some other …
(edit) @472   13 years pbelotti fixed minor bug in linearize.cpp. Changed assumption in BabPtr_ -> …
(edit) @471   13 years pbonami Valgrind fix + compilation error.
(edit) @470   13 years pbonami Fix a stupid bug in retrieving optimal solution
(edit) @469   13 years pbonami Change option name
(edit) @468   13 years pbonami Update Couenne Makefiles
(edit) @467   13 years pbelotti fixed comparison of exprGroup
(edit) @466   13 years pbonami Update configure
(edit) @465   13 years pbonami More related to previous commit
(edit) @464   13 years pbonami Various update (a lot) to allow users to register their own option in …
(edit) @463   13 years pbonami Updates to documentation
(edit) @462   13 years pbonami Replaced sqrt(5) with sqrt(5.)
(edit) @461   13 years pbonami Make SimpleError::SimpleError?() private to fix error pointed out by Rodrigo
(edit) @460   13 years pbelotti fixed exprMul::generateCuts when one operand is almost constant
(edit) @459   13 years pbelotti restored extra exprMul cuts
(edit) @458   13 years pbelotti call Image () to update auxiliary variables
(edit) @457   13 years pbonami Updates in NLP as heuristic
(edit) @456   13 years andreasw added curvature branching for SOS constraints
(edit) @455   13 years pbonami Fix CppExample? makefile
(edit) @454   13 years pbonami Add code for solving NLP's as an heuristic in spatial branch-and-bound
(edit) @453   13 years ladanyi Added code so that curvature branching falls back to QP branching in …
(edit) @452   13 years pbelotti added CouenneProblem::getAuxs() to get aux variables from original
(edit) @451   13 years pbelotti fixed typo in linearize.cpp
(edit) @450   13 years pbelotti fixed some bugs in multiplication bounding. Flatten linear expressions
(edit) @449   13 years pbonami Remove candidate for release 0.1.2
(edit) @448   13 years pbelotti consider Ampl's objconst(0) once. Extra tangent cuts for products w=xy …
(edit) @447   13 years pbonami Make release 0.1.2 from revision 449
(edit) @446   13 years pbonami Candidate for release 0.1.2
(edit) @445   13 years pbelotti fixed NaN bounds in initAux, added rank and multiplicity to branch …
(edit) @444   13 years andreasw fixed memory leak; print out information about cut strengthening based …
(edit) @443   13 years andreasw minor corrections to most recent commit
(edit) @442   13 years andreasw added cut strengthener based on NLP solves; reran autotools
(edit) @441   13 years pbelotti fixed major problems with implied bounds. One (internal) iteration for …
(edit) @440   13 years pbelotti problem in compiling inline function within .cpp
(edit) @439   13 years pbelotti due to Clp, limit rhs and coefficients to 1e20 in …
(edit) @438   13 years andreasw added default implementation for new perturbInfo method in TMINLP
(edit) @437   13 years pbelotti still some numerical problems in branching
(edit) @436   13 years pbelotti sort operands in commutative operators for better matching. Branch on …
(edit) @435   13 years pbonami Fix case when MIP is infeasible and num_resolve_at_root > 1 in stable
(edit) @434   13 years andreasw corrected location after last night change
(edit) @433   13 years andreasw fixing a few things for Cygwin compile with native MS/Intel compilers
(edit) @432   13 years pbelotti fixed check in exprPower and fictitious dual bound. Evaluation of …
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