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1// (C) Copyright Carnegie Mellon University 2005
2// All Rights Reserved.
3// This code is published under the Common Public License.
5// Authors :
6// P. Bonami, Carnegie Mellon University
8// Date :  05/26/2005
11#include "BonOAMessages.hpp"
12#include <cstring>
13#include "BonMsgUtils.hpp"
15namespace Bonmin
18  OaMessages::OaMessages():
19      CoinMessages(DUMMY_END)
20  {
21    strcpy(source_,"OA");
22    ADD_MSG(FEASIBLE_NLP, std_m, 2,"Solved NLP in %d iterations, found a feasible solution of value %f.");
23    ADD_MSG(INFEASIBLE_NLP, std_m,2,"Solved NLP in %d iterations, problem is infeasible in subspace.");
24    ADD_MSG(UPDATE_UB, std_m,1,"New best feasible of %g found after %g sec.");
25    ADD_MSG(SOLVED_LOCAL_SEARCH, std_m,2,"Local search solved to optimality in %d nodes and %d lp iterations.");
26    ADD_MSG(LOCAL_SEARCH_ABORT, std_m,2,"Local search aborted : %d nodes and %d lp iterations.");
27    ADD_MSG(UPDATE_LB, std_m ,2,"Updating lower bound to %g elapsed time %g sec");
28    ADD_MSG(ABORT,std_m,1,"Oa aborted on %s limit, time spent %g");
29    ADD_MSG(OASUCCESS, std_m,1,"Oa converged in %g seconds");
30    ADD_MSG(LP_ERROR,std_m,2,"Error of LP approximation %g");
31    ADD_MSG(PERIODIC_MSG, std_m,1,"After %7.1f seconds, upper bound %10g, lower bound %10g");
32    ADD_MSG(FP_DISTANCE, std_m,2,"NLP solution is %g from MILP sol");
33    ADD_MSG(FP_MILP_VAL, std_m,2,"MILP solution has value w.r.t original objective: %10g");
34    ADD_MSG(FP_MAJOR_ITERATION, std_m,1,"Major iteration %i ub: %g");
35    ADD_MSG(FP_MINOR_ITERATION, std_m,1,"Minor iteration %i ub: %g");
36  }
38}//end namespace Bonmin
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