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1 Pierre Bonami, project leader (Carnegie Mellon University),
2 John J. Forrest (IBM Copr.),
3 Carl Laird, (Carnegie Mellon University),
4 Lazlo Ladanyi (IBM Copr.),
5 Jon Lee (IBM Copr.)
6 Francois Margot (Carnegie Mellon University)
7 Andreas Waechter (IBM Copr.)
8are the authors and contributor to this code.
11We would also like to acknoweldge  <br>
12 L.T. Biegler (Carnegie Mellon University)  <br>
13 A.R. Conn (IBM)  <br>
14 G. Cornuejols (LIF Marseille, Carnegie Mellon University)  <br>
15 I.E. Grossmann (Carnegie Mellon University)  <br>
16 J. Lee (IBM)  <br>
17 A. Lodi (IBM, Universita di Bologna)  <br>
18 N. Sawaya (Carnegie Mellon University)  <br>
19for their advices, help and other contributions to the underlying algorithms.
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