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1bonmin.algorithm                   B-Hyb      #choose bonmin algorithm
2bonmin.Gomory_cuts                 -5         #Frequency for Generating Gomory cuts in branch_and-cut.
3bonmin.allowable_fraction_gap      0.         #Specify allowable relative gap
4bonmin.allowable_gap               0.         #Specify allowable absolute gap
5bonmin.bb_log_level                1         #specify BB log level
6bonmin.bb_log_interval             100        #Interval at which bound output is given
7bonmin.cover_cuts                  -5         #Frequency for Generating cover cuts in branch_and-cut
8bonmin.cutoff                      -1e100     #Specify cutoff
9bonmin.cutoff_decr                 0.         #Specify cutoff increment
10bonmin.integer_tolerance           1e-08      #Set integer tolerance
11bonmin.lp_log_level                0          #specify sub-LP log level
12bonmin.max_consecutive_failures    1          #Number of consecutive unsolved problems before aborting.
13bonmin.max_consecutive_infeasible  0          #Number of consecutive infeasible problems before continuing a branch.
14bonmin.max_random_point_radius     1e5        #Set max value for a random point
15bonmin.milp_log_level              0          #specify sub-MILP log level
16bonmin.milp_subsolver              Cbc_D      #Choose the subsolver to solve MILPs sub_problems in OA decompositions.
17bonmin.mir_cuts                    -5         #Frequency for Generating MIR cuts in branch_and-cut
18bonmin.nlp_failure_behavior        stop       #Set the behavior when the nlp fails.
19bonmin.nlp_log_level               0          #specify sub-NLP log level
20bonmin.nlp_solve_frequency         10         #Specify the frequency at which nlp relaxations are solved in hybrid.
21bonmin.node_limit                  60000      #Set maximum number of nodes explored
22bonmin.nodeselect_stra             best-bound #Choose the node selection strategy
23bonmin.num_iterations_suspect      -1         #Number of iteration over which a node is considered suspect
24bonmin.num_retry_unsolved_random_point          0          #Number of time retry to solve a failed NLP with a random starting point
25bonmin.num_resolve_at_root           4          #Number of time retry to solve the root node with different starting point (only usefull in non_convex).
26bonmin.num_resolve_at_node           0          #Number of time retry to solve a non root node with different starting point (only usefull in non_convex).
27bonmin.number_before_trust         8          #Set number of branches on a variable before its pseudo_costs are to be believed
28bonmin.number_strong_branch        20         #Chooes number of variable for strong branching
29bonmin.oa_dec_time_limit           10         #Specify the maximum amount of time spent in OA decomposition iteratrions.
30bonmin.oa_log_level                1          #specify OA log level
31bonmin.oa_log_frequency            100        #specify OA log frequency
32bonmin.probing_cuts                0          #Frequency for Generating probing cuts in branch-and-cut
33bonmin.time_limit                  7200       #Set maximum computation time for Algorithm
34bonmin.warm_start                  none       #Set warm start method
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