Visit to IBM T.J. Watson Research Center 12/4/2009

We're near the end of our visit to the Watson Center, though Bjarni, Dan & Edwin plan to do some further work on Saturday. We feel that the visit has been very productive -- we've learned a great deal about the CBC code, and we'll certainly be more confident about working with it going forward. At this hour, we're working to integrate Lou Hafer's comments (from the "Reeng_Ann" branch) into the source files in the "Sandbox" branch, where we have done all our work.

John Forrest has been incredibly helpful. He has been with us all week, and has taken time -- each of the many, many times we've asked -- to explain in considerable depth the ideas embodied in the CBC code, as well as many specific code details. John has also been amazingly flexible about our desire to change things -- I am not so sure that each of us would have been so flexible about our own code!

I would also comment that -- while we've done some useful things to organize the source files and standardize the user options -- "cleanup" of the CBC code has been largely unnecessary; it is in much better shape than we had thought coming in. Despite John's comments on the first day about how CBC "wasn't really designed", its structure is really quite coherent, and is extensible in many ways. We have reason to be positive about the future of CBC.

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