Visit to IBM T.J. Watson Research Center 12/1/2009

Bjarni Kristjansson from Maximal Software and Dan Fylstra and Edwin Straver from Frontline Systems are visiting the Watson Center 12/1/2009 - 12/5/2009. John Forrest, Lazslo Ladanyi and JP Fasano are working with us -- thanks to the IBM folks for their great hospitality. Dan & Edwin are tackling the big source files CBCModel.cpp and CBCNode.cpp; Bjarni is tackling CBCSolver.cpp. Edwin has previously broken out CbcNodeInfo.cpp, CbcFullNodeInfo.cpp and CbcPartialNodeInfo.cpp from CBCNode.cpp.

Prior to this visit, Edwin has also broken out C++ classes in CbcBranchBase.cpp, CbcBranchActual.cpp, CbcBranchCut.cpp, CbcBranchDynamic.cpp, CbcCompareBase.cpp, CbcCompareActual.cpp, and CbcCutGenerator.cpp, into smaller individual files. We will be reviewing this file organization and the code in the individual files in the coming days.

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