December 17, 2009

There was a meeting by teleconference on December 17, 2009 at 4:00 PM EST.


  1. Legal paperwork :(
  2. Next steps
    • Documentation
    • Testing
    • Move to trunk (Clp/Cgl?)
    • Short-term projects?
    • Deconfliction plan
  3. Long-term agenda
    • Parameters
    • API
    • Class reorganization
    • Modularization


  1. There was a discussion of legal paperwork. All agreed to submit what is required by the foundation.
  1. There was a discussion of how to move forward. The first step step will be to move sandbox versions to trunk. At the same time, we should work on documenting more of what we learned from the Watson trip (especially the group in the second week). Ted and Bill are working on getting a more rigorous testing framework up and running using Hudson.
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