November 5, 2009

There will me a meeting by teleconference on November 5, 2009 at 1:00 PM EST. To join the teleconference, call 877-421-0038 and use passcode 2646852 (COINTLC).


  1. Quick updates
    • Scheduling of Watson meeting
    • Creation of wiki
    • Creation of mailing list
    • Creation of branch (write access?)
  2. Status of beefing up Cbc testing (Bill)
  3. Status of code review (Bjarni)
  4. Next steps


  1. The Watson meeting has been confirmed for 12/1-12/11 with two waves of participants arriving over the two weeks. A new wiki and mailing list has been created.
  2. A new stable version Cbc 2.4 has been created. A new reeng branch will be created from 2.4 and a snapshot created in tags. A separate sandbox branch will also be created to explore different ways of reformatting, etc. Anyone can do anything in this branch.
  3. Applying standard formatting using the open-source reformatter astyle was agreed to as a first step. Bjarni will look into the various pre-defined style options and apply them in the sandbox, so we can select an option.
  4. Code review will now start in earnest. Matt will install a code review plug-in for Trac and we will explore how best to interact with John on this. For now, questions should be inserted into source code and committed back into the reeng branch. We will explore whether it is best to e-mail John with questions or to use the plug-in or to use tickets, etc.
  5. The next two meetings are scheduled. In the meantime, some coding parties will be organized on Skype.
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