October 29, 2009

The group met by teleconference on October 29, 2009 at 1:00 PM EDT.


  1. Scheduling of Watson meeting
  2. Creation of branch in Cbc repository
    • What version should we branch from?
    • How/when should we plan to merge changes back?
    • Who needs write access?
    • Do we have CSROs for all participants?
  3. Creation of a new Trac project page: COR@L or COIN?
  4. Initial steps (see below)


  1. The scheduling of the meeting at Watson was discussed. John is available 12/1-12/10. Current availability of participants is:
    • Sandia: Approximately 12/2-12/4
    • Maximal: 12/1-12/7
    • Frontline: 12/1-12/7
    • Ted: 12/7-12/10
    • Lou: Anytime with slight preference for 12/7-12/10
    • IBM: Anytime

Current plan is for two waves with remote participants joining by Skype.

  1. A branch called reeeng was created from the current trunk. Laci will check with John to see if this is the best version to branch from. The overall plan is to make changes in the branch with continuous merges from trunk. Everyone will be give write permission once CSROs are received.
  2. There was debate about whether to create a new project or to work within Cbc. There are two different efforts proceeding simultaneously. One will be looking at Cbc as it currently exists, attempting to understand it, document it, etc. A second effort will be to rethink the overall architecture, modularize, and integrate with other projects. The first effort will be housed within Cbc itself. The second effort will be undertaken as a separate project. Tickets will be filed with a separate tag in the existing Cbc ticket system if needed.
  3. Initial steps:
    • Bill agreed to work on beefing up the unit test for Cbc so that we can ensure we aren't breaking anything as we go along. Testing will consist of running MIPLIB and comparing results to previous.
    • The project code will be added to the current nightly builds for automated testing.
    • The first week will be spent understanding the overall structure of the code, determining where to focus, etc. During the first week, few changes will be committed.
    • Bjarni will post a spreadsheet in CSV format containing a list of all source files. This will be used to keep track of who is working on what file, etc.
    • Lou will push his commented Cbc code into a separate branch that may eventually be merged with the reeng/ branch.
    • The initial goal will be primarily to document the purpose of various pieces of code in doxygen format and to insert questions where that purpose cannot be understood. These will later be taken up with John for clarification.
    • There was some disagreement about the extent to which the code should be reformatted in the beginning. This will be resolved at the next meeting.
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