Branch And Cut Architecture

This is a long-term effort to create a generic, modular architecture for branch and cut solvers. The overarching goal is to rethink the architectures of the MIP solvers Cbc, SYMPHONY, and BLIS in the interest of making them easier to maintain in a distributed fashion and to avoid parallel development of identical functionality.

At the moment, we are focusing mainly on a better understand and a reengineering of Cbc. Participants in this effort are:

  • Dan Fylstra (Frontline)
  • Lou Hafer (SFU)
  • Bill Hart (Sandia)
  • Bjarni Kristjannson (Maximal)
  • Cindy Phillips (Sandia)
  • Ted Ralphs (Lehigh)
  • Matthew Saltzman (Clemson)
  • Edwin Straver (Frontline)
  • Jean-Paul Watson (Sandia)

For full contact information of the participants, see ContactInfo. For more information on this project, contact Ted Ralphs.

For current status and plan, see GamePlan.

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