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Welcome to the AIMMSlinks home page

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We encourage users to report bugs by creating a ticket and to ask questions using the mailing list instead of contacting AIMMS Support.


The AIMMSlinks project is dedicated to the development of links between the modeling language AIMMS and solvers that are hosted at COIN-OR. It is written in C++ and released as open source code under the Eclipse Public License (EPL). The links use the AIMMS Open Solver Interface API. The code has been written by Yidong Lang, Lorenz T. Biegler, Chuck Teeter and Marcel Hunting, who is the COIN project leader for AIMMSlinks.

Currently the following links are available:

  • Cbc: LP and MIP solver
  • Ipopt: Interior Point Optimizer for large-scale nonlinear optimization

The Cbc and Ipopt links are available for Windows and Linux, both 32 and 64 bits, and can only be used in AIMMS 3.10 and higher. Please note that to use Ipopt in AIMMS you also need to download the Ipopt DLL binaries as explained in the installation instructions (for binaries).

Download and installation

You can download AIMMSlinks via subversion by typing

svn co AIMMSlinks

See also the COIN-OR documentation for using subversion. Alternatively you can obtain the source code from the tarball directory, and download a file of the form AIMMSlinks-x.y.z.tgz or The latest release is: 1.1.0.

The AIMMSlinks installation can be built using Microsoft Visual Studio, version 10 or higher, as explained in the detailed installation instructions.


The AIMMS 4 installation contains Cbc and Ipopt binaries. AIMMS 4 supports Cbc 2.9 and Ipopt 3.11.